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  • No big deal...they said "no contact" was initiated and that the Card player "jumped higher" than Lathan. I thought that the damn birds FLEW?

    There were actually some pretty balanced "chirps" echoing inside the world of "canning jars."
    I don't even know what play "for sure" they would be referencing? What half? I'd have to go read the BS Board and that's simply not going to happen lol We played strait up man to man the entire game as far as I could tell. They may have been playing a match up zone in the first half and then they went strait up man to man most of the second half.
    Fred, Don't encourage me. I should be reading history not venting online. Thanks for the inside info on the professional sports extortion racket. You see this over and over again. Most sports economists question the whole Build It and They Will Feed your Local Economy mantra. Skyboxes do not create that many jobs--caterers and cleanup crew.
    Boonville was hosting the Sectional...those "fried bologna sandwiches" probably caught up w/ Princeton's digestive flow!

    Washington "no problemo" w/ Jasper...whose down this year.

    Jeffersonville (Keegan Clark)/Wright St.) upset New Albany (Donnie Hale/Purdue) in Seymour 4A...
    Really? Well I know Boonville improved a lot since last year, but didn't think they could beat Princeton. Did Washington beat Jasper?
    It should take less than 24 hrs. if not right away... If you don't have access yet shoot Boda a PM and ask him what's up. He will be able to get you access.
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