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    i understand, i wish him the best of luck. as i being a kicker, i saw he had a lot of talent and a strong leg, really hope he gets back into it
    I have no idea...Idk if there is any truth to that rumor. We are reporting he wasn't even in West Laffy, in fact Painter is in florida and Lansing is in the haute so idk if that's da truth lol
    What is Lansing's salary? The MU beat writer is reporting that Painter has told MU that Lansing will follow him to MU and that MU is prepared to offer 450000 to the top assistant.
    I first became a Sycamore fan while listening to one of my teachers (I was a high school senior, he was a first year math teacher) tell of the Sycamores winning a basketball game in the early ‘60s at Wisconsin when the Badgers were highly ranked (don't remember their ranking for sure, #1 maybe) and the welcome home party at the Terre Haute airport to greet the team. I enrolled at Indiana State for the fall of 1964.
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