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Jason Svoboda
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  • I saw the cool listing of teams and player predictions for next year but can't locate now can you give an assist?
    Where do things stand on the the "Fear the Forest" tees?
    Jason Svoboda
    Jason Svoboda
    Sorry, I had missed this. I have no involvement on that sort of thing. You'd have to contact someone at Indiana State.
    Jason -- is there something going with the site ? I can get in fine and usually read a few posts, but then it all freezes up and I can't do anything. The thing is, its only doing it on Sycamorepride, all the other sites I go to work fine. But this one just locks up on me -- sometimes right away ....sometimes after reading a few posts. Been doing this last couple of days.
    Tom James take on Sycamore roster........Some are grades. Some were guys who were invited walk ons who discovered that they couldn't play at this level. A few left because they went to early morning offseason conditioning program. Sanford told me that they tried to tighten some things up after last season. They have a strong core of guys coming back. They wanted to get stronger ar some positions. They had some guys who they thought could play but found out they wilted when called upon due to injury...
    Kid named Kramer for Elkhart Memorial at game today, talked with he and his parents several times . . . Anything on him? Did I miss a post? Thanks
    Sorry, Jason. I just saw your message. My address is:
    3052 South Payton Place
    West Terre Haute IN 47885
    Congrats go to John Grimes of Marian Univ, Indy named as mens BB coach of the year for the Mid-Central Conf. John is ISU and TH Gerstmeyer alum and was Dave Mahurins college coach
    Mitch was on Official Visit last weekend... Gave verbal to Coach Miles today.. Excited about him coming there..
    The coaches were great... He was very impressed with them and the players...
    boda I heard we offered a running back from marshall illinois lions a full ride...don't know his name but I guess he has offers from illinoi state as a corner....wondered if you heard anything
    Jason, I have been trying to log in but it keeps saying invalid. What am I doing wrong?

    I've been trying to find a post I made a couple of months ago where I listed all of the seniors and included a short blurb about the number of games/starts and any awards that they've earned. I haven't had any luck so far. Is there an easier way to find this than to go through every post?
    I was wondering if you would know the contact person for my suggestion for a possible money-maker for the football team IF the stadium would allow it. I fly up from TX to watch the games so dragging stadium chairs is not possible and they're too expensive to purchase each time we come up. I noticed at Homecoming very few people brought stadium chairs with them and boy, that hard concrete is cold and hard on the back and butt. I think a football booster group could buy stadium chairs and rent them out at the games....even visitors would need them. You could offer free rentals to season ticket holders as an incentive. I understand it's probably too late for this year but maybe getting this started for next year. If you just want to forward this suggestion to the proper person, that's fine or if you know it's not worth pursuing (stadium restrictions, etc) just let me know.
    Hey, Just wanted to let you know I need to pay my Sycamorepride supporting membership and didn't know how to do it since I was a mod now. I wanted to give something to the website now anyways so is there anything you need.
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