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Jason Svoboda
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  • I was wondering if you would know the contact person for my suggestion for a possible money-maker for the football team IF the stadium would allow it. I fly up from TX to watch the games so dragging stadium chairs is not possible and they're too expensive to purchase each time we come up. I noticed at Homecoming very few people brought stadium chairs with them and boy, that hard concrete is cold and hard on the back and butt. I think a football booster group could buy stadium chairs and rent them out at the games....even visitors would need them. You could offer free rentals to season ticket holders as an incentive. I understand it's probably too late for this year but maybe getting this started for next year. If you just want to forward this suggestion to the proper person, that's fine or if you know it's not worth pursuing (stadium restrictions, etc) just let me know.
    Hey, Just wanted to let you know I need to pay my Sycamorepride supporting membership and didn't know how to do it since I was a mod now. I wanted to give something to the website now anyways so is there anything you need.
    Jason, can you tell me how to contribute to the support fund for Sycamore Pride? I really appreciate the site and would like to help. Thanx.
    I am not sure how to move a post but the thread about ISU practice was going well when it abruptly got interrupted by post about a recruit. we have a thread for that especially since it was just bio type info.
    Did you see that yesterday we broke the users in a day record as of midnight yesterday? Broke it by 1 I believe! That's pretty cool man, 269 registered members visited the site? Congrats!
    Jason, Just looking through the recruiting list. J.T. Yoho is listed somewhat incorrectly. He is from Eastern Greene High School. He is from Solsberry Indiana. I teach at Eastern Greene. We are located near Bloomington IN. The school has a Bloomfield address but don't call us Cardinals!
    I've posted more than once. I post when I have something to say. I've found however that the posters in general tend to be clicky and only participate in each others posts.
    Jason, Cool new avatar. Mark is coming down this weekend for his official visit, along with a LB from Glenbard West, which is a very good program in the same conference. Mark has a new recruiting video from his senior season up on that NCSA web site (the same one where you had posted his Junior season video from). I think he's leaning toward coming to ISU--ISU red fell through, and SDSU is pretty far from his girlfriend.

    Dan Sewall
    Jason! Long time no see! This is retrodreams isnt it? This is truebluefan. I dont see you posting anywhere about the Bulls anymore.

    Say all of us are gone from Basketballboards.net. We sold it. I stayed on until April. We are all at another site. Wont sell it. Would love another Bulls fan to talk to!

    If you want to know the url, send me an email at the address I registered with. I wont spam you or the board.

    Been a long time! Come on, post with us.
    I saw a spot for varsity club members. I am a member of the varsity club but I do not have access to the threads. How do I gain access?
    Went to the baseball game today and talked to RP as well as John Sherman Williams and they told me that next spring they are working on bringing one of the football scrimmages to the Indy area probably Warren Central but not all of the details have been worked out so they did not want it released on a message board yet, just for your info.

    Alex's brother Mark Sewall had an unofficial visit at last weeks spring game. He spoke to Coach Miles and both of the Minters. Jesse Minter said he would be coming up to see Mark and his coach in the next couple of weeks. Mark is a 6-0, 180 lb safety and slot receiver. He has had phone calls in the last few days from South Dakota State, Southern Illinois, and Bowling Green. He is a good player, much like Alex.
    What's the scoop on 6'8" Jr. ALEX PRITCHETT from BNL (Bedford, IN)? I had his dad in school @ the JHS during the early 80's. The Pritchett Family is renowned in Hoosier hoop lore, with Pete (Alex's grandfather) in the IN Hall of Fame (coaching) and his Aunt (Kristin), being one of the top IHSAA scorers of all-time.
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