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Jason Svoboda
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    Hi I just joined the site, have you heard anyhting about Terre Haute North senior Logan Valentine? I heard he hasnt missed a kick in high school and had around 50% touchbacks. He would be a walk on if he was to attend Indiana State but could go right in and compete for a starting spot as a freshman. I hear he wants to follow hid quarterback Chris O'leary who he is also good friends with and O'leary might be commiting this week.
    Just FYI, quarterback Chris o'leary from thn has been offered for football. I think Ben King and Bryn Schwartz have been offered too but I'm not sure.
    I sent a membership fee yesterday (12/15). When will I have access to the private members area?
    hey bro i sent u the membership fee. when should i expect to be approved for the private members area?
    who is BankShot?? He cracked a joke on my dad on here? I don't think it was intended to be crude, but I don't know unless I know who the guy is and if the guy knows me or not.... Please let me know. Thanks

    I'm starting to get used to my new job but I unfortunately had to be in the hospital for 3 weeks here recently. I'm trying to get back into the informational loop at ISU. I am getting some decent information and am going to be more active on the site.

    I'm good friends with Blue Bleeder. He has had a major family incident happen so I'm not sure he is on here much right now. I will let him know that he won, so don't draw a new name yet.

    Brian Hall
    Hey bud it's Brian..lol..Had to create a new name to be able to login. Any chance I can get my old post totals? If you guys ever need any help on the board again I'd be honored to help. I'm back full time or as long as the board will allow me to login..lol...Have a great week!
    You should add (offer) after Springmann's name, and you should add Kendall Griffin and Zac VanDeWater to your list with a likely change in status to come for one or both of them pretty soon.
    James Kent 415 Bench 300 Power Clean 500+ Squat 5.0 - 40, 3.9 GPA 4th in his class. 6'0" 245. JK has a superior work ethic to ANYONE I have coached. 415 bench was spotted by our DC - John Batty. He also throws the disc over 150 ft. He is a true athlete and scholar. He was IFCA Junior All-State 1A -OL in 2008.
    -----Herb King - HFC Rockville
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