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  • Thanks man, BTW Wyoming isnt a BCS school sorry just had to throw that in there ( i hate everything about the cowboys), granted Wyoming is NOT a powerhouse we almost beat them last year, maybe he needed a year to learn the system, he could come out next. And Character kids that is exactly what you need. We found out Last year that all the talent in the world is crap if the kid has a thug mentality, we signed a 3 star WR 6'4" who had offers from Big East and ACC schools but transfered to NDSU because the player in front of him was super good, he came here and was a BEAST in the spring game then gets in trouble and booted from the team. He would have been a HUGE player for 3 years instead his thug life was more important. Bohl learned and got rid of all the troublemakers. So i'm glad to hear Miles isn't going out JUST for talent, I didn't mean any smack about your kids giving up I can't imagine the feeling they have hopefully they keep playing hard as your youth is a huge factor.
    Mike is a good Kid and has been an anchor for NDSU, he will be missed and is another who will do anything to help the TEAM and is very unselfish. I have full faith that ISU will right the ship, but it doesn't happen overnight. I didn't get to watch this years game but I was at last years in the Dome and I have to say they seemed to give up, I wasn't going to type that in the forum for all too see, but that IMO comes from a lack of encouragement from the coach?? But thats all IMO. Good Luck too you guys the biggest thing is for the kids to keep their heads up and work hard in the offseason
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