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Terre Haute, Indiana
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John Robert Patterson
Construction Project Manager
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  1. 100

    The Waltman Crown

    100 Posts! On to the Lansing!
  2. 602

    The Odum Cup

    In honor of Jake Odum's 602 career assists.
  3. 551

    The Fields Cup

    In honor of Rick Field's 551 career assists.
  4. 496

    The Green Cup

    In honor of Nate Green's 496 career assists.
  5. 10

    The Book & Torch

    Congrats Sycamore, you've hit the 10 post mark!
  6. 2850

    The Bird Trophy

    In honor of Larry Bird's 2,850 career points.
  7. 1

    The 1865

    What kicked it all off... your first post!