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  • What's your take on the alleged Odum "undercut" on a BS player? The people on the BS Board are crying over this...LOL

    Also, what kind of "D" did we start out in? Any changes in strategy throughout the game?


    "A 50 Degree & Up Fan"
    Hi James,
    I have a question from Sunday afternoon, and I don't want to put it on a public forum yet. After the game I though I heard the PA announcer say something about an academic award given to one of the Eitels. I've found nothing about it anyplace. Do you know anything about this? Maybe I was totally out of it. It was on the TV and in the background.
    Value of being "undercover"...just ask Mahurn's dad...playing BOTH sides of the PR tool.


    After making comments that "a coach has very little control of the game," I know why he's in Rockville. LOL

    Funny, that Landrus thinks he played PRO BALL. He was @ Marian College '82-86.

    Good to see Lansing finally playing with the X's & O's on the sideline v. IL St. It's about time...

    I'll reserve FINAL judgment until after the MVC season on his continued employment.

    Been busy with work, not been around laptop much. I'll slowly get back into here in the next few weeks. Looking forward to taking in some baseball one of these weekends. Thanks for asking!
    you seem to have the inside track with information concerning Jake Kelly. Wouldn't it be interesting to see him redshirt next season? Is there any chance that could happen?
    Hey Morgan,

    If ya see Erica Moore, tell her I met her grandma today @ the Scottsburg "Y." Her dad is from Scottsburg. You should've the proud gleam in her eye when I told her that her grandaughter was an All-American! She then started reflecting on when Erica was a little girl playing basketball & baseball...which is when they 1st discovered her "speed."

    Wonderful lady...

    Originally Posted by Morgan
    Yeah I will make a wage - what do I have to loose? If I am wrong I will send you a sycamorerunner.com t-shirt, no charge? Deal?

    What are you going to send me if they do run the table and win it all? I tell you what better yet if the Colts don't run the table then I will send you a t-shirt and I will chance my avatar pic. on this site to your favorite NFL team.

    However if the Colts do run the table and win the SB then you have to change your avatar pic. to the Colts for the entire year? Sound like a fair deal?

    Well Morgan, my shirt size is large and you can go ahead and change your pic to the Tennessee Titans logo!!!!!!!!!!
    Not to be a complainer, but it's been about 5 days and still no access to the "varsity club" - what's going on? I've heard nothing from Svoboda.
    I paid my yearly membership fee through Paypal a couple of days ago and I still can't access the "Varsity Club". Any word on that?
    How long does it take to process your $6.00 before access is allowed to the "Varsity Club?"

    This is rediculous! I can't believe that Jake Kelly is going to play for ISU.....


    If Nate Blank comes here, we are in business.
    You said it, Morgan! This kid might be the best ballplayer we've had here since Bird. He's tall, he's athletic, he's got the whole package. We don't get that kind of kid very often. And when was the last time we got a BCS transfer that wasn't a bench warmer? Oh yeah, that tall kid from French Lick.

    The next couple of years are going to be FUN!!! Let's just hope that McKenna can use Kelly to bring in some other "above our heads" recruits!!!

    And to think I was considering dumping my season tickets...

    Tornado! What is going on? Good call on the Jake Kelly thing. I was extremely informed on the situation, not as much as you though.

    Doesn't it amaze you how little people know about basketball on here? I believe that you know the game and I know the game even though we often have different views. There is more than one way to play the game, but some of the people on here are clueless.

    Jake Kelly is a HUGE get. I think he could play in the NBA.
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