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  1. BrokerZ

    Ready for 2nd grader NIL deals?

    They're going to be pioneers on how to raise entitled kids that grow up to ultimately despise their father. They should call their NIL collective: Daddy Issues, Inc.
  2. BrokerZ

    Griffith stands out in NFL Weeks 15 and 16

    Happy to see Jonas getting the recognition he deserves. He’s on his way to having a nice NFL career.
  3. BrokerZ

    Sycamores getting a look

    Nice to see us get some recognition!
  4. BrokerZ

    [Offered] '23 INTL SG Jordann Dumont

    Get him in our weight room, and I see some real potential here. Give me all the 6’8” wings with a good outside shot!
  5. BrokerZ

    Summer Workouts

    Really thought this interview was insightful. For some of the negatives of Schertz sharing too much sometimes, interviews like this are the positive. Very interesting to here his comments on depth (the most he’s ever had) and how there will be players who will need to sacrifice their playing...
  6. BrokerZ

    Top 144 teams for 2022/23 ISU @ 125

    Good catch. The years are running together for me, it seems.
  7. BrokerZ

    Top 144 teams for 2022/23 ISU @ 125

    We were picked #110 in this last year. Just saying… 4th would be huge for us, especially in a 12-team tournament. The MVC is as wide open as it’s been in a long time, so it’s not unreasonable to think we have a chance to make some noise.
  8. BrokerZ

    [Offered] '23 NC SG Collin Tanner

    Would like to have seen some more highlights of him finishing at the rim. He actually doesn’t look 6’7”, but he does have a nice jumper.
  9. BrokerZ

    Indiana State University raises $21.5 million in 2021-22

    Adjusted for inflation, of course.
  10. BrokerZ

    Rob Martin

    Interesting article. Up to this point I hadn’t heard much from or about Martin. Schertz has been interviewed a few times in the preseason videos, and Rob Martin may be one of the few guys who hasn’t really been mentioned. Maybe Schertz is keeping him a secret because this article makes it sound...
  11. BrokerZ

    Early MVC 22-23 preview

    Belmont also added a lot of talent while losing it, too. They’ll be fine; top-half in the league. I won’t argue overall with the article other then having Bradley too high. He justifies his Bradley finish prediction by also predicting Hickman being the breakout player this year, so at least he...
  12. BrokerZ

    Sycamores in the Pros – June 28

    The speculation made sense. He was held out of the last game in Omaha (AAA) before the road trip along with several other players who were called up.
  13. BrokerZ

    Sycamores in the Pros – June 28

    A huge number of players on the active roster aren’t vaccinated, and they’re heading to Toronto for a series. Chances are he’s called up to fill an infield spot since Merrifield is one of the players who can’t travel. Hope he makes the best of his time up!
  14. BrokerZ

    Nice Write-up on MVC Men's BB Recruiting Classes 2022

    Do you all remember Valpo’s recruiting class last year, full of high-major transfers that didn’t get much playing time on their respective teams?
  15. BrokerZ

    Nice Write-up on MVC Men's BB Recruiting Classes 2022

    I like him as well and think he overall does a great job, but you can’t read that article and tell me it is even close to his best work. Both can be true.
  16. BrokerZ

    Nice Write-up on MVC Men's BB Recruiting Classes 2022

    Not sure I agree with this list much at all. It’s pretty lazily researched and poorly written. The author is putting way too much emphasis on D1 power conference transfers, with MSU being a prime example. Yes, MSU brought in a bunch of big-school players, but those guys barely played a minute...
  17. BrokerZ

    Roster Rules

    I vaguely remember this from back when we had more than one walk-on. Many times they’d flip-flop who got to dress for the games and who didn’t, depending on the injury situation at the given time.
  18. BrokerZ

    '20 IA PG Masen Miller (4/12/2022)

    As I said in the Summer Workouts thread, there’s way too much buzz around Miller for there not to be some potential there.
  19. BrokerZ

    FBS realignment talk is back in season...

    Zero percent chance we ever play a Big10 or SEC school again after 2025. Those money games are dead.
  20. BrokerZ

    FBS realignment talk is back in season...

    So then I assume the Big 12 attempts to poach the remaining PAC12 schools of note (i.e. Oregon, Stanford, etc.), or does the PAC12 kill the Mountain West for good?