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  1. sycamore51

    ISU @ UCLA

    The web says this game is on fox sports. Does anybody know if it's all networks, just the west, or what?
  2. sycamore51


    It may be some where, but I haven't seen. Is he out for the year?
  3. sycamore51

    What ya cookin?

    Since the season is almost here, I thought it might be fun to see what people are cooking each week. We can only make a few games each year, but we'll be there to see the ISU good guys beat the IU losers. We're starting around noon. Here's what we're cooking Grilled pork chop sandwiches Brats...
  4. sycamore51

    Kicking game?

    As practice starts tomorrow, I was wondering what the state of our place kicking situation is. I feel comfortable with Perrish at QB, but if we have kicking troubles like we did last year we will under achieve again. Please somebody keep us up to date with how our kicking game looks this camp.
  5. sycamore51

    Check out #15 in this video.

    Hilton catches some nice balls and makes a good sideline move on his second catch. He doesn't look to be the fastest guy out there, but he may be the tallest.
  6. sycamore51

    NCAA Regional

    I was thinking today how cool it would be to see Washington in our regional if we make the NCAA tourney. The match-up with Meggs would be nice.
  7. sycamore51

    Indoor Facility

    I have a quick question that I hope one of you guys can answer for me. Does the football team use the baseball indoor facility at all? I know the roof is too low to do deep balls and kicking, but I didn't know if they ever used it for run throughs and what not.
  8. sycamore51

    Rank the MVFC stadiums

    Here is my ranking, just wanted to see what everybody else thinks. 1) YSU 2)SIU 3)MSU 4)NDSU 5)UNI 6)SDSU 7)USD 9) The Indiana State University 10)WIU 11) The other ISU
  9. sycamore51


    Does the Drake game scare anybody else as much as it does me? Last year we had trouble with Butler, and this is a 9-2 team from last year coming off of a conference title. Our athletes should be better, but these guys know how to win. 1-2 in the non-conference would be a disaster. I think we...
  10. sycamore51

    sycamores with some ESPN love

    Not bad pub in this article. Just outside of their top 20 power rankings too.
  11. sycamore51

    Odum is 10th nationally in APG

    He's dishing 6.6 APG, which puts him 10th in the nation. Not bad! He's also 36th in the nation in steals with 2.33 a game.
  12. sycamore51

    Boise St Attend.

    I was looking at some stats and saw some Boise St attendance figures from this year so far. They seat 12,380 but are only averaging about 3k per game. With a good team and the support they put behind the football team I thought there would be more than that. It surprised me a great deal...
  13. sycamore51

    Who do you dislike more....

    Testicle Tech (Ball State) or Buttlicker (Butler) and why? Also, what ball park age do you fall in? >20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ After a while on this board I think a lot of the older guys dislike Ball St more while a lot of us younger folks dislike Butler more. Just trying to test my...
  14. sycamore51

    Cheese and Bell

    Quick question here. Bell is a stud, but with him and Cheese both soph's and both very good, do you keep them both at rb or do you move cheese? I was thinking with Cheese being such a good athlete, what about safety next year? I just think he's too athletic and fast to not be on the field as...
  15. sycamore51

    Radio Commercials in Louisville

    I've started hearing ISU commercials in Louisville over the past few weeks. Heard on on ESPN 680, WHAS 840, and on 98.9 just last night. It's the first time I can remember ISU putting any effort into recruiting people from this area. They said they even give tuition breaks to people from...
  16. sycamore51

    Look who's in the projected tourney filed!

    Here's the link to the projected field. I know there's a long way to go in the season, but it's nice to see our name on there, with a home game too!!!
  17. sycamore51

    We need a new MS picture on

    Maybe during homecoming the people at will take some good crowd shots and put one up as our new stadium photo on the facilities page.
  18. sycamore51

    ESPN Bill Hodges Article has an article on Bill Hodges today.
  19. sycamore51

    New ISU v YSU video promo

    Here's the link to the ISU vs. YSU video promo. Pretty cool.