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  1. hans1950

    Cubs Fans : The Suffering May Be Letting Up A Little

    I know there are a few Cubs fans in our group so I have to say how enjoyable this season has been.With all the young talent and a great manager I am looking forward to several years of great competition with the Cardinals.
  2. hans1950

    Hope Springs Eternal...It's Next Year Already Cubs Fans

    Lucky to be at Sloan Park for game today.Jon Lester pitched 3 pretty good innings.
  3. hans1950

    Got the flu!

    Despite getting the shot in November,I have acquired the flu.You don't want it.I feel like something the cat drug in.My Doc told me I looked awful,I told him I felt worse.Has anyone had experience with Tamiflu.Also I've got 2 tickets for tomorrows game if your in the Marshall,Illinois...
  4. hans1950

    2012 Pizza Hut Classic

    Looks like big school,small school final again this year with North and South in same bracket.Will it be Sullivan or Rockville to play North or Robinson?
  5. hans1950

    Trib-Star Strikes Again!

    I thought perhaps I had awakened in Lafayette when I opened the paper today.In very large headlines was a story about Purdue's loss to Ohio State along with a very large color picture from that game.ISU was above that story but in much smaller print.ISU is our hometown school.Who is making these...
  6. hans1950

    OFC Mostly: Croby,Stills and Nash Concert

    Went to CSN concert Saturday night in Paducah,KY.One of my personal all time favorite bands.The old guys still got it!Great musicianship and wonderful harmonies from 3 guys who will be seeing 70 years of age pretty soon.Thes guys are not just cashing in on their history although they do play...
  7. hans1950

    Thanks For A Great Season

    Let me be one of the first to thank this years baseball team.The guys played great all year and deserved a better fate in the post-season than they got.Maybe we used up all our luck during the regular season,but it seems everything bad that could happen did during the last few games.Timely...
  8. hans1950

    Ugly Basketball

    For all of us who complain about our lack of pretty wins,the Illinois -Michigan State game tonight was uglier than anything I've seen at a ISU game this year.
  9. hans1950

    '14 IL SG Brandon Wolfe

    I'm sure some of you have seen this kid play the last 2 years in the PHC.I know he's from a small school but he has good size and boy can he shoot the basketball.No idea if anyone at ISU has looked at him at all,just wondering,he's just a sophomore.
  10. hans1950

    Capobianco leaving IU

    Does anyone think he could contribute in the MVC...