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    Free Men's basketball tickets

    Once again this year, my company is giving away 15 tickets and t shirts to every home game. We're looking for local aau, boys club, wvfsc, school, etc. girls or boys teams to give tickets too. They will also get a chance to go down and greet the team before or after the game. Pass the word...
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    Basketball budget

    Most of us realize that to have a better basketball program, we need to up our budget. I agree, but I contend that money was not our problem this year. So, let’s say we miraculously came up with another million to put in our program. What would you guys spend it on, and how would that help us...
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    How about all that free publicity from Danny Etling wearing an Indiana State jersey at the Patriots parade today. That's awesome. He seems like a good guy and a hard worker. I hope he makes it. Way to show your pride in your hometown Danny.
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    Reunion event

    I started a separate thread because I didn’t want it to get lost in the game thread. For those that couldn’t make it today, you missed a great event. At times in the past, our athletic department and overall ISU administration has been their own worst enemy by continually dropping the ball. That...
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    Free tickets

    My business is starting a sponsorship deal with the ISU basketball program. As part of this program, I asked to get 15 tickets to each home conference game to give away to youth basketball teams. I will also give each player an ISU basketball shirt with my company logo on the back. I'm also...
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    3 on 3

    Looks like B. Scott is on the MVC 3 on 3 team. Congratulations and good luck Brenton and MVC team.
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    Tickets to game vs. SIU

    I have two lower bowl seats someone can have. Let me know if you're interested. No charge. Feel free to make donation to this site or the team if you want. I may have two more, but won't know for sure til Friday. FYI - they don't come with a free hat. I should rename this thread to: Two tickets...
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    Barnes = free chips and queso

    So, what do you think the chances are that JB hits enough 3's one night in the next 2 1/2 years to get us free chips and queso all on his own? That dude has range and a sweet stroke.
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    Late game decisions

    I just finished watching the Sienna/Iona game. Score is tied and Iona has the ball for the last shot. Instead of driving to the basket they dribble out the clock and jack up a long 3 and miss. Then in overtime Sienna has the ball down 2 with about 20 seconds left. Guess what? they dribble out...
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    Prediction of conference record

    I'm going with 9 & 9 and a finish of 5th. I hope for better but our first 4 games will be tough. I think how we start this conference season is the most important in Lansings career. If we go 0-4 to start, look out. I'm hoping we get back to playing like we did early and not like the last 3 games.
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    New scoreboard going up!

    I drove past Bob Warn field today and saw crews taking down the old scoreboard and crates on the ground with the new scoreboard. This will be a nice addition.
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    Fan experience survey

    I received an email today from Indiana State athletics asking me to complete a survey regarding my fan experience at Sycamore athletic events. I assume I received this because I'm a season ticket holder and or varsity club member. Regardless, I was excited to see that somebody at ISU is...
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    For those of you who check out the site, does anybody know who the Statman is and why he's going on there and trashing our program and coach? He seems to be a disgruntled Sycamore fan that is really making an ass of himself. I just don't understand the motivation for a person to do...
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    Kitchell can dunk

    There's been rumors around here that Jake can't dunk. Thought you'd all like to know that I just saw it for myself on wtwo channel 2. Footage from practice yesterday. I love Jake, but I too was beginning to wonder if he could dunk, haha.
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    Coach Lansing

    I go over to from time to time just to see what other valley fans have to say. Contrary to what some people on this site think, a lot of Valley fans think he is a very good coach. Today someone posted the Arch Madness records of the current Valley coaches and Lansing is at the top...
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    Credit where credit is due

    What a great night to be a Sycamore! What a great game by the team and a great job by the coaching staff. We've all had our share of criticism of Coach Lansing the past 3 years and some of it deserved. We've been frustrated by the offense and some of the substitution patterns, just to name a...
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    Random thoughts

    RIP 11/12 season. This game ended like so many before it this year. Did we really finish 18-15? It feels much worse than that. Did anyone else notice that Kuoang wasn't at the game tonight? The crowd was about what I expected, but was surprisingly loud at times. Thought our young big guys RJ...
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    My take

    There are many reasons why we are struggling right now. Questionable coaching at times, Jakes injury, poor shooting, poor defense, bad officiating at times and lately it looks like a little sniping between some players. But unfortunately, we just aren't as talented as most of these other teams...
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    Like most sycamore fans I'm starting to get a little frustrated with the play of our team and some of the coaching decisions being made and that's normal with the high expectations we had coming into this season. But I'm as frustrated as ever with the atmosphere at our home games. We have no...