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  1. K

    The new thing: fake-recruiting for future transfers

    Again though, as I mentioned in my reply above, it can go both ways. I think ISU should be recruiting with the idea of getting guys now, but also with the idea of planting seeds for future transfers from major programs.
  2. K

    The new thing: fake-recruiting for future transfers

    I have actually thought it made sense for ISU to be in on some guys that we might have little chance with, for this very reason. Maybe a guy goes to a Power 5 but doesn’t like that he isn’t playing. A year or two later he remembers how much he liked the ISU staff, and bingo, we have a transfer...
  3. K

    Legendary ISU athlete, coach Duane Klueh makes $100,000 gift to men’s basketball program

    My Duane Klueh story… When I was at ISU you had to do two PE credits. The PE classes were all one credit hour and half a semester long. The classes were either the first half of the semester or the second. I got my schedule and checked the course catalog and saw that I got a basketball class...
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    New ISU license plate available from BMV on July 1

    I am glad they didn’t use the new logo, but I do like this plate quite a bit, and as I’ve mentioned already, think it is a vast improvement over the current plate. My wife has an IU plate and the logo is so much bigger and more noticeable than my ISU plate. I’ve actually complained to the alumni...
  5. K

    New ISU license plate available from BMV on July 1

    Much needed. The logo on the current one is way too small and looks too much like the Indiana bicentennial logo that is on license plates.
  6. K

    Golden Spikes Candidates - Nice article on ISU's LHP Guerrero

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting info and certainly worth reading, but that is a really poorly written article with missing words here and there, etc. I also didn’t realize we opened the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates. :-)
  7. K

    [Committed Elsewhere] '18 OH PG DeVon Baker (Tulane)

    Agreed. And it may be that the player is interested but we have other priorities and didn’t want to commit to them when they were ready to choose.
  8. K

    Kareem Richardson to Clemson

    I’m not defending him. I think it is certainly possible he knew. But you posted something that says here is why he never got another head coaching job. I read it thinking there was going be some smoking gun. What you posted was nothing more than him saying he believed the guy was telling the...
  9. K

    Kareem Richardson to Clemson

    I don’t dispute that. All I’m saying is that there is no direct link to Kareem in what was posted.
  10. K

    Kareem Richardson to Clemson

    Interesting read, so thanks for posting. But, I don’t know that it puts Kareem in that bad of a light. He believed the coach was telling the truth. He was wrong about that, but there aren’t any details that he was involved too.
  11. K

    2021-22 Schedule Update

    I vaguely remember he may have beaten up a Pizza City delivery guy too.
  12. K

    2021-22 Schedule Update

    I was at both games.
  13. K

    2021-22 Schedule Update

    And it was even a home game. Hard to get Big 10 games, let alone have them come to Hulman Center.
  14. K

    2021 Basketball Coaching Movement

    Yes, that surprised me because when it was an issue with Lansing, I assumed that was the normal thing to do. But if Kansas is just now doing it with Self, I wonder what in the hell ISU was thinking when it locked itself into that.
  15. K

    Ron Greene

    I was working for WISU sports during his time. Was always willing to sit down with someone from the station. Interviewed him many times in his office. Didn’t have win-loss success but was a nice guy. He would always say, “we’ve got to keep on keeping on.”
  16. K

    [Offered/Committed Elsewhere] '21 IN SG Lincoln Hale (Indiana Wesleyan)

    Sounds like it from a tweet I saw. Said he and Coach Schertz mutually agreed he’d be a better fit in another program.
  17. K

    Div II "Elite 8" @ Ford Center - Team Reviews

    Just tuned in and watched what was essentially an ISU commercial for about five minutes. Interesting that the arena is on Sycamore St.
  18. K

    Indiana State Announces Josh Schertz as Next Men's Basketball Coach

    I liked reading those quotes from around the country.
  19. K

    2021 Offseason Player Movement

    I wanted Lansing fired and didn’t think LaRavia was good enough to make me want to keep Lansing. I would have liked for LaRavia to have stayed, but I’m also not convinced he hasn’t become over rated.