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    Open line Sunday

    Is it ok to talk about ovc football on here? They did have a team beat the blood thirsty savages from Florida State yesterday.
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    1985 NCAA D-I MBB Championship game

    I watched that game last night. That was such a great game compared to modern basketball games. There was no shot clock, no 3 pt shot, the players lined up correctly to rebound missed free throws and I don't think there was the constant every 4 minute media time outs (although they did have...
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    Lansing (new thread)

    The moderator wanted a new thread so here it is. Question: If the players we have were playing for the other schools in the MVC, at which schools would they win more/less?
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    Boy scouts Remember when the scouts were criticized by the media for wanting to keep gay men from being troop leaders?
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    Mark Hisle

    I was looking thru the Lincoln Hale thread and noticed the name Mark Hisle as the second leading scorer in Terre Haute High School history. Is this the same Mark Hisle that owns Mark's Mattress Outlet? I think it has to be with the years that he played high school then played for UE. Mark's...
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    Sycamores @ EIU

    Anyone going to the EIU game?
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    Save The Trees!

    I was talking to someone yesterday who works on the grounds maintenance crew at ISU. He said the Sycamore trees along 3rd street and chestnut are going to be removed. Those trees were planted when I was in college and are nice trees today. I hope the University changes their minds on this.
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    I cried 41 years ago tonight

    Yes, I am man enough to admit it!
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    Valentine's Day

    What if anything did you give or receive for St. Valentine's Day. I received a couple framed ISU basketball schedule posters for my wall. One was men's and one was Women's. As for giving it was flowers sent to work and a meal.
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    What would you do as coach?

    Well, you asked for it, here it is.
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    Bengals vs Steelers

    Well yesterday was an interesting day for me. For the first time in my life I hoped the steelers would beat the Bengals. Well it happened but I was still nervous. I still needed the ravens to beat the browns to keep the steelers out of the playoffs. Well that happened too. I was thrilled...
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    Marvin Lewis

    I am sitting here watching my favorite NFL team get their butts kicked by cleveland. It is currently 21=0. I sure wish Mike Brown would not have renewed his contract at the end of last season. Maybe this will help get him out of Cincinnati.
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    Where's the beef?

    Jason, you really killed this politics and CA board. I know some got ticked off but it was fun.
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    global warming

    So far 2018 is the coldest year on record. At least in Terre Haute.
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    Indiana State Announces 2018 Football Schedule

    2018 football schedule Does anyone know when the 2018 schedule will be released? I need to sign up for vacation for the home games and maybe a couple away games.
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    2018 Football Schedule?

    Does anyone have the schedule for next season? It is almost time to sign up for next years vacation at work and my work partner likes to grab the October dates for farming.
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    Season Tickets

    I got my season tickets in the mail today. The packaging is pretty cool!
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    Thank you sycamore pride forum

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Today some might consider me old but I think I am still young. A cute baby boy born to my parents 56 years ago. I don't know what happened to the cute part.
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    CBS NFL Broadcast

    Here in Terre Haute yesterday we got to listen to someone speaking another language during both games of the double header. Maybe Spanish, maybe French. I really don't know. The mute button was pushed except for halftime and postgame. The whole thing was really annoying. At least the...
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    17 days

    Only 17 days till the opening game. I'm ready! I hope I can get 10,000 of our most diehard Sycamore fans to join me at the stadium. The players and coaches have been putting in a lot of time and effort. I think we can give them a few hours of our time. It is our University. Let's show them...