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  1. B

    Game #3 ISU vs. "Hilljackers"

    Maybe the KU boys celebrated their first two games with a little moonshine last nite and take the Sycamores lightly today? We need this one. :sycamores: GO SYCAMORES! No walks, more "K's" and revived power from the Sycamore bats will be the ticket! :talktohand: Starts again at 1:00 p.m...
  2. B

    ISU-UNI.........Game #3 - Sunday

    Panthers win 6-2 taking the last two of the series. UNI now 5-1 MVC & Sycamores 4-5. It's not going to get any easier!
  3. ISUCC

    ISU @ Bradley - game #3

    ISU winning 9-0 in the 4th, it's really sad ISU blew that first game, otherwise they'd have a sweep going. Winning the series will be good though as ISU has had serious trouble winning against Bradley the past few seasons. no live stats today, only radio on the Bradley site...
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Sycamore Basketball Legends: #3 John Sherman Williams

    Some Indiana high school basketball enthusiasts say that when Roger Harden took home Mr. Basketball honors over John Sherman Williams in 1982, it was the single biggest snub in Indiana High School basketball history. To this day, it's still hard to argue that point. Coached by Sycamore alum...