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  1. B

    Fans of Half of Valley Teams Think........

    their team is under performing and will probably finish 11th in the ten team MVC this year. Here is a Peoria sportswriter's take on Bradley: I will post additional stories from SIU, UNI, Drake (although their...
  2. B

    Drake Fans Brutal ?

    They were beginning to be up in arms after their exhibitions but after Butler beat them last night in Des Moines they are going ballistic: They really didn't expect to go from the penthouse to the outhouse in one season and who can blame them?
  3. Jason Svoboda

    Can Sycamores football rise again? fans, alums ask

    TERRE HAUTE, Ind. -- Losing games. Losing money. Indiana State football is not just in decline. It is in free fall. More...
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Sycamore basketball fans treated to return of Chalk Talk

    An old Indiana State tradition was revived Tuesday at The Holiday Inn with a Chalk Talk session for Varsity Club members and fans. More...
  5. Sycamore624

    Getting fans to the games

    Women?s Basketball Picked To Finish First in East October 11, 2007, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Bellarmine women?s basketball team ranked No. 1 in the East Division of the Great Lakes Valley Conference pre-season coaches poll released today by officials from the GLVC office. Drury was selected for...
  6. Jason Svoboda

    Hughes News and Views: Out with the old, in with the older: Raetz is giving fans reas

    Out with the old, in with the new. Or in this case, in with the new that used to be old. More...
  7. Sycamore624

    Where is our Lady Sycamore fans??

    Thier following is VERY strong in the Valley so where are you all at???
  8. Jason Svoboda

    ISU football fans numbed into indifference by long pattern of losing

    ISU football fans numbed into indifference by long pattern of losing -- This is an absolute pointless story in the Trib by Mark Bennett. Not sure what he was trying to do with the column besides fill white space. Yawn.
  9. Jason Svoboda

    Sycamore fans... we need more participation!

    Like our sporting events, if we want to have successful programs, we need more participation. I know we have some passionate fans out there, so start clicking on the post reply button and sharing your thoughts and opinions!
  10. Jason Svoboda

    Getting more Sycamore fans

    Anyone have any suggestions on how we can attract more Sycamore fans to register and get involved with the site? We're currently looking into flyers and advertising into the Indiana Statesman. Any other suggestions?