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  1. Jason Svoboda

    Half way through Missouri Valley season, can Sycamores find toughness to win on the r

    Today?s game at Illinois State marks the halfway point of the Missouri Valley Conference season for the Indiana State men?s basketball team ? and the Sycamores are in a position to claim a share of second place in the conference. More...
  2. Jason Svoboda

    ISU men's basketball can?t find way to beat Butler

    Indiana State?s winning streak against Butler ended with a resounding thud at Hinkle Fieldhouse on Wednesday, and ISU guard Gabe Moore isn?t going to take it lightly. More...
  3. Jason Svoboda

    Can anyone find an Oakland City logo?

    I need a larger version of their logo that does not look like crap... 200px by 200px at least. Let me know if you find one.
  4. Sycamore624

    Cool ISU eBay find