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  1. tjbison


    Hey just figured i'd make my first post sorry its in the offseason, NDSU fan here, swing by and visit us sometime! www.bisonville.com
  2. IndyTreeFan

    Hey all you students out there...

    I gotta ask - WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS TO SHOW UP??? The student attendance last night was way beyond pathetic. Those that were there were FANTASTIC, and I really believe contributed to our win. That said, what is keeping students away? What would you do to get the...
  3. Sycamore624

    Hey gang, remember me?

    Sorry it's been so long but went through a very rough peroid of my life and now the Ney Year is here so it's a fresh start. Sorry I been slacking and I promise you things will pick up around here very soon. GO TREES!
  4. btisu22

    Hey Svoboda...

    On these game links you post the visiting teams game cast over the internet. If I'm not mistaken isn't the ISU game cast on the new web-site? Or on the Crock page? I thought they were. :cool: