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  1. B

    ISU vs. Eastern Illinois

    Just saw on the Sycamore site that the March 17th game has been moved up to Tuesday, March 10th (tomorrow!) due to a scheduling conflict. Petricka has been announced as the starting pitcher for ISU. Nice that they could pick this game up during spring break week, instead of having the Memphis...
  2. B

    Game #3 ISU vs. "Hilljackers"

    Maybe the KU boys celebrated their first two games with a little moonshine last nite and take the Sycamores lightly today? We need this one. :sycamores: GO SYCAMORES! No walks, more "K's" and revived power from the Sycamore bats will be the ticket! :talktohand: Starts again at 1:00 p.m...
  3. SydCamore

    ISU vs. U. of Kentucky

    ISU plays game 1 of a 3 game series with Kentucky today at 4. I will be unable to follow the game. If anybody gets updates, please provide them. Thanks, Go Trees!
  4. L

    UNI vs ISU

    Very excited about this game this afternoon. Does anyone know if a free internet feed of the game? I know it is on FSMW, but I am at work and won't be able to watch. Any suggestions would be awesome!! Go Trees!
  5. Daveinth

    Du vs isu

    Ok so I am sitting in a boring class instead of being able to watch the game can someone please keep me updated
  6. TreeTop

    ISU vs Drake (1st Round)

    Ummm...only like, do or die time. Go State!
  7. ISUCC

    ISU's Keeney CC academic all-american

    congrats to Scott for this honor! (and he's only a junior too, the article is incorrect)
  8. S

    ISU vs. IU

    Anyone else going to brave the cold and watch this game?
  9. S

    ISU vs. New York Tech - Results

    Hi Folks ISU won 11 to 4 today against NY Tech. Rodriguez pitched 7 and 2/3 innings, giving up 4 then Gurbach for an out. Shelton closed it. Nice work trees! Now they are 8-1
  10. S

    Roster Updates for ISU

    Hi Folks: I sent an email to Mike Williams of the ISU staff and inquired as to when the Roster bios and pictures would be updated. Mike immediately responded and apologized for the delay. Mike said that he has been swamped with the basketball team and that he had received some help with the...
  11. B

    ISU vs. St. Bonaventure - 5:30pm

    Sycamores won 12-0! Eric Valdez was the starting pitcher (went 7 innings), then Scott Harlan and Mark Conover had an inning each. That's all we know at this point. Whoop it up! The Trees are 7-1!!!
  12. SydCamore

    ISU vs. MSU

    There was no thread on this game. Was it that irrelavent? ISU won 69 - 52 I think. I was at the game and ISU played VERY well. Carl Richard went for 20 pts and 10 rebounds. He is finding out what type of player he is and I like it. We also got good production out of Tunnell. They showed a...
  13. S

    NIU at ISU

    The 56-51 overtime victory at Hulman Center Friday night was nothing short of a miracle. Playing without Laurence Rivest, Leah Phillips, Deja Mattox, Kelsey Luna and Bianca Jarrett, the Sycamores overcame a 13-point second half deficit with intense defense. Congratulations are in order to the...
  14. B

    ISU vs. Mount St. Mary's 1:00pm

    Skinny Lu heard from Cordell. ISU beat Mount St. Mary's 9-1 in the first game of their doubleheader. Petricka started and threw six only gave up one then Smith and Dougherty finished.
  15. SydCamore

    ISU vs. Villanova - 7 pm

    ISU (4-1) is set to play Villanova (0-3) today at 7pm eastern time in Palm Beach, FL. I know nothing about Villanova except for the fact that they are 0 - 3 after being swept by the ranked #1 team Louisiana State University Tigers. I have no idea where this game can be heard/seen. Here is a...
  16. S

    ISU at WSU

    Anyone know where to get a live video feed of this game other than Shockernet?
  17. SydCamore

    ISU vs. SLU - Home Opener

    SkinnyLu and Family, you can hear your son's first collegiate start live on WISU 89.7 which you can find on Click on the story for this game. Then click on the link "Listen Live". I will be at the game............ Anybody else going? I am glad that we decided to start...
  18. G

    ISU at SIU

    ISU loses it's 3rd game in a row to another last place MVC team, this time SIU. Things are not going well for ISU with all these injuries. 4 games to go, UNI and Bradley at home then Drake and Creighton on the road. Hopefully the girls can avoid falling below 5th place in the MVC. Need to win...
  19. TH_Sycamore12

    Toledo @ ISU

    Sycamores win their fifth in a row. They win 69-62. Was anyone at this game?
  20. G

    ISU at Evansville

    UE leads 29-26 at the half tonight, big test tonight to see how ISU plays against the worst team in the MVC (ISU w/o 4 major contributors). Todd Golden is blogging live from the game as well