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  1. T

    Larry Bird news conference Tuesday to discuss his memories of ISU-Michigan State

    The Indiana Pacers announced this afternoon that Larry Bird to have a press conference to discuss his memories of the 1979 NCAA title game with Michigan State.
  2. T

    congratulations to larry fitzgerald, jr.....

    for a great Super Bowl game. Not a bad postseason for the son of a former indiana state university offensive tackle and current media member.
  3. T

    Does anybody remember Larry Bird's dedication of an NBA title to Terre Haute?

    What with the Lakers and Celtics renewing their NBA Finals history tonight, I just wonder if anybody remembers when Boston beat LA for the NBA title the first time when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were playing? Bird dedicated the title to Terre Haute in the post-game interview on TV, saying...
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Looking for a Larry Bird State jersey? Very cool. It looks like it's made in the Phillipines, but they make some nice knockoffs.
  5. Jason Svoboda

    Want a piece of Larry Bird's jersey? This is pretty damn cool.
  6. Sycamore624

    Top 10 NCAA Shooters - Larry Bird #1

    Lots of great Larry & ISU highlights
  7. Sycamore624

    1979 NCAA Finals - Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson