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  1. SycamoreStateofMind

    State of Local High School Hoops Best Ever?

    Is high school basketball as good as it has ever been in the Wabash Valley? The talent level might not be as high, but I can't recall in my "short" life as many local teams sharing so much team success. It was quite evident during this years Pizza Hut Classic that basketball in the Wabash Valley...
  2. T

    Local kids

    This thread concerns more than just football, but can anybody remember the last time that so many talented area kids have opted to stay home and go to Indiana State? With Matt King, Michael Mardis, Wade Bush and Elias Brown this year in football to Mahurin and the kids from TH South and...
  3. ISUCC

    local baseball talent coming to ISU

    just an article in today's paper about all the local kids heading to ISU, good to see this happening for Meggs. Would have been nice to have Josh Phegley on the team instead of having him go to IU. Article Link
  4. BlueBleeder

    Local Talent

    I've been able to watch a couple games so far this year at Terre Haute North. They have a surprisingly good (albiet young) couple of post players. I've seen one of them mentioned on here as a potential '10 recruit in Thomas Anderson. However, I've been much more impressed with the play of a...
  5. Sycamore624

    Local High School Football scores (10-5)

  6. Sycamore624

    Sycamore Staff & Local Media Support of our site

    Been in contact with most of the local media regarding the new site and the response has been very supportive. We are very close to getting a direct link to the site on WTHI TV 10 sports page. Mens Asst. Coach Greg Lansing is very excited about the new site. He's contacted me more than once...