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  1. Jason Svoboda

    Sycamores now own the nation?s longest losing streak

    On Friday night, hundreds of miles from Terre Haute on a field in North Andover, Mass., St. Anselm ended the nation?s longest NCAA football losing streak, beating Merrimack by a touchdown to end a 34-game skid. Back in the Midwest, Indiana State reluctantly inherited the burden from the Division...
  2. Jason Svoboda

    ISU women suffer first losing season since ?01-02

    Indiana State coach Jim Wiedie struggled to solve his team?s inconsistency issues this season. More...
  3. Jason Svoboda

    Sycamores pull away to end 12-game road losing streak

    Evansville might have brought back its famed sleeved jerseys for Saturday?s Missouri Valley Conference men?s basketball game against Indiana State, but the Sycamores no longer feel they have to give the shirts off their backs for a road win. ISU not only snapped its 12-game road losing streak...
  4. bent20

    Avoiding long losing streaks

    Outside of better conditioning what is the answer this year to avoiding the long, miserable losing streaks? I don't think I can stomach a third straight season of losing 10 plus games in a row. I can see teams getting off to slows starts like that, but how do you have long losing streaks in...
  5. J

    A Losing Program Stats

    Oct 9 2004 - L at Western Ill, 27-29 Oct 16 - L vs. Missouri State, 28-31 Oct 23 - L at Western Ky, 9-31 Oct 30 - L at Youngstown St, 20-45 Nov 6 - L vs. Northern Iowa, 6-58 Nov 13 - L at Southern Ill, 10-59 Sep 1 2005- L vs. Eastern Ill, 13-24 Sep 10 - L vs. St Francis-IN, 10-42 Sep 17 - L at...
  6. Jason Svoboda

    ISU football fans numbed into indifference by long pattern of losing

    ISU football fans numbed into indifference by long pattern of losing -- This is an absolute pointless story in the Trib by Mark Bennett. Not sure what he was trying to do with the column besides fill white space. Yawn.
  7. Jason Svoboda

    Indiana St. coach suspended, but keep losing streak-snapping win

    TERRE HAUTE, Ind. -- Indiana State's losing streak will staysnapped. The NCAA suspended Sycamores football ... More...