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  1. T

    Media Guide???

    Does anyone know why the Men's Basketball team that has not had a media guide (or at least one that is viewable PDF on the website) the last 2 years? Is this on purpose? A media guide is a very strong marketing tool for schools. Any thoughts or insight?
  2. IndyTreeFan

    MVC Media Day

    MVC Media Day Rankings Today is media day for the conference. We landed in 7th. Probably about where we'll stay in these things until we prove we can win on the road. Here's the rundown: School (First-Place Votes) Points 1. Creighton (36) 386 2. Southern Illinois (2) 322 3. Illinois State...
  3. ISUCC

    MVC media day is Tuesday

    just a quick note that the MVC men's basketball media day is Tuesday. Pre-season polls will be released then. Will be interesting to see where they pick ISU to finish.
  4. ISUCC

    MVC media day Oct. 28th

    just a quick note that the MVC women's basketball media day is Tuesday. Pre-season polls will be released then.
  5. ISUCC

    football conference media day 7/22

    today is media day for the Gateway (or whatever you want to call it now) football conference. I think there is no doubt ISU will be a unanimous pick to finish in 9th place, BUT that doesn't mean they have to finish in 9th place, so go out there and prove to the rest of the teams that ISU isn't...
  6. ISUCC

    2008 Football media guide?

    will it be mid August before the 2008 media guide for FB is posted online?
  7. ISUCC

    why no men's BB media guide online???

    I noticed the women have a media guide online, but the men don't, or I sure could not find it, anyone know why??
  8. Sycamore624

    Sycamore Staff & Local Media Support of our site

    Been in contact with most of the local media regarding the new site and the response has been very supportive. We are very close to getting a direct link to the site on WTHI TV 10 sports page. Mens Asst. Coach Greg Lansing is very excited about the new site. He's contacted me more than once...