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  1. B

    MVC opponent scouting

    Missouri State will be in our neck of the woods this upcoming weekend for a 3-game series with my Beavs up in Portland. I won't be able to attend (we're 5 hours south of there), but there's a possibility that my husband may have the time to take his dad to one of the games while he's visiting...
  2. C

    2 MVC All-Session tickets for sale

    I come in peace. Though after you guys beat my Redbirds not once....but twice, maybe I should re-think that. :evileye: We have 2 extra MVC All-Session tickets that we are trying to sell in case anyone is looking for any last second. They are in section 123, which is the Illinois State...
  3. ISUCC

    men, women picked 2nd for MVC track meet

    both the men and women were picked to finish 2nd (but should challenge for the wins) at this weekend's indoor MVC track championships at UNI. If any of you all are going let me know, I'll be at the meet too...
  4. Daveinth

    MVC In the Bracket Buster

    As best as I can find it appears that the MVC went 7-2 in Bracket Buster competition yesterday . With Northern Iowa and SIU being the two losing teams. I could not find anything on Ill State playing . Did they chose to stay our of the Bracket Buster the way we did a couple of years ago? 7-2 is...
  5. ISUCC

    Sycamores sweep MVC track honors

    Kylie Hutson and Erica Moore are your "track" and "field" athletes of the week for the MVC
  6. ISUCC

    Tunnell MVC player of the week!

    this had to be a no brainer for the MVC folks, Jay deserved this! congrats!!
  7. ISUCC

    ISU 6th in MVC preseason poll

    a little better than last season I think.
  8. ISUCC

    Wright MVC Track athlete of the week

    ISU 400 meter runner Sean Wright was the MVC track athlete of the week this week after running a 48.70 400 at the IU relays this past weekend. The teams compete at Notre Dame and DePauw this weekend.
  9. G

    ISU softball picked 8th in MVC poll

    Syc'em, any thoughts on this pick?
  10. ISUCC

    Hutson, Clay MVC track athletes of the week

    2 ISU tracksters were MVC athletes of the week after the meet vs. Illinois State last weekend. Hutson was an auto qualifier for the NCAA championships in the pole vault while Clay was a provisional qualifier in the High Jump. Good meet this weekend for ISU as they travel to Purdue for the...
  11. J

    MVC Tournament Tix (4) Thursday Night Courtside. Face Value

    If anyone is interested I have four courtside seats to the Valley Tournament's first session on Thursday night March 5th. The seats are in Section 123 rows 3 and 4. Two seats in each row piggy backed on the aisle (seats 9 and 10). For the 2008, and 2007 tournaments these same seats were in the...
  12. G

    Saturday in the MVC

    As we know ISU lost at MSU bigtime UNI pounded Bradley Drake won in OT at SIU CU is up on Evansville at the half Ill. State at WSU tonight. So, ISU in a 3 way tie for first with Bradley and UNI at 4-1. Gotta win those 2 home games next week badly.
  13. C

    Web casts thru JTV have so much potential to promote the MVC

    But they are failing miserably. Here are some suggestions to those ADs in theh MVC who contract their services. Last season on the ISU season package you were entitled to archived games not so this year. When purchasing a $55 season package it only entitles you to home games since other teams...
  14. ISUCC

    Weds. night in the MVC

    SIU at CU on fox sports midwest right now, it'd sure be nice if ISU had HALF the crowd that is at this game right now. We need CU to win to keep SIU tied with ISU. Drake at Illinois State is on WSU is playing MSU, someone's 5 game losing streak ends and moves within a game...
  15. ISUCC

    MVC - MWC pairings announced

    Colorado State coming to ISU in November, I like this draw, we need to make sure we don't finish 10th this year so we don't ever get left out of this series, it's a good series! also, I like this match up for ISU, the CSU coach, Tim Miles, is...
  16. ISUCC

    all-session tickets sold for MVC tourney

    copied this from VT, not much interest from ISU fans to head to St. Louis in March. All Session tickets sold (Pre-Sale thru 1/1/09) Creighton - 1550 SIU - 1100 Illinois State - 1000 Bradley - 760 WSU - 630 Drake - 500 MO State - 380 UE - 300 UNI - 300 Indiana State - 104
  17. ISUCC

    Tuesday night in the MVC

    couple of good games going on tonight. Illinois State is losing at Bradley by 7 with less than 4 minutes left, and UNI is tied with Creighton at Creighton with 9 minutes left. HOW did ISU win at UNI?? 11,592 at the Bradley - Illinois State game tonight. Over 15,000 at the Creighton game. And...
  18. ISUCC

    Golden's thoughts on the MVC

    while sick TG wrote up what ISU has to do the rest of the season to finish near .500. He also assesses the rest of the MVC based on games played so far.
  19. G

    Leah Phillips named MVC player of the week Link

    Here is the link to the press release Shannon got memorable mention for newcomer of the week.
  20. new sycamore fan

    MVC All Conference Team Released

    The MVC web site release the 2008 all-conference team today. ISU was represented by Jayden Everett (Sr. LB), Donye McCleskey (Jr. DB), and Alex Sewall (Fr. DB), all as honorable mention selections. Congratulations to those 3, and special thanks to Jayden who showed real class and set a great...