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  1. S

    Colts to return to Terre Haute for Training Camp

  2. Jason Svoboda

    BREAKING: Former ISU football great, NFL player Wayne Davis dies

    One of the most successful products of the Indiana State University football program, Wayne Davis, died Sunday near Atlanta after a lengthy battle with Lou Gehrig?s disease.Davis was 44. More...
  3. Sycamore624

    Any Chicago Bears fans??

    I so how about that Rex, my wife is a loyal Chicago fan and everytime I say that to her she gives me he death
  4. Sycamore624

    New England Patroits New Logo

    I always knew they was a bunch of cheaters!
  5. btisu22

    Who is you NFL, MLB, NBA, Nascar, ect...favorites?

    Colts............NFL:footballhelmet: Cardinals......MLB:baseball: Celtics..........NBA (If I Ever watch that garbage):violent: Tony Stewart..Nascar Notre Dame..NCAA 1A Football I love the IRL racing, but no favorite drivers
  6. Sycamore624

    Colts vs Saints tonite!

    Finaly the real NFL season kicks off and the Champs can start defending the trophy. Can't wait until tonites game.....Colts-31 Saints-17