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  1. Little Eddie

    Sycamore Vision question...

    ...last year I remember having the option to watch games in the On Demand section a day or two after the game. What's the dillio w/ that option this year? I wasn't able to watch the Drake game and I'd like to watch it...the last event they have in the On Demand section is football stuff from the...
  2. T

    JUST A QUESTION, but why is it so hard to building a winning basketball program?

    JUST A QUESTION, but why is it so hard to build a winning basketball program? just wondering...but why is it so hard to build a winning basketball program at Indiana State? We've had some great years with Larry Bird, Carl Nicks, Steve Reed, Bob Heaton, Brad Miley, Leroy Staley and Alex...
  3. Bluethunder

    Question for Little Eddie or anyone else in the know...

    I have been reading several message boards and articles about tonights game and they all talk about Coach and how he left Creighton and how its the first game vs. Altman, etc. I keep hearing about how it will be hard for Indiana State because Creighton and Altman know how our schemes work so...
  4. bent20

    Question about the Gateway

    Now that the conference is adding teams can they kick the Sycamores out? I'm just wondering if that's an option since the team has been no where close to competitive of late. Assuming we still have a team in the years ahead is this not a possibility?
  5. Jason Svoboda

    If you could ask McKenna one question...

    If you had the opportunity to sit down with new head coach Kevin McKenna and ask him one question, what would you ask?