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  1. J

    Raetz in; West out

    Found at http://www.isuwatch.com By Jasmine Gregory After winning just one game in more than two seasons, Indiana State relieved Lou West as head football coach and hired former coach Dennis Raetz. Former Sycamore head coach Dennis Raetz will serve as interim coach for the rest of the season...
  2. Jason Svoboda

    Hughes News and Views: Out with the old, in with the older: Raetz is giving fans reas

    Out with the old, in with the new. Or in this case, in with the new that used to be old. More...
  3. Jason Svoboda

    Raetz says Sycamores will play better today

    Admitting his team?s defense was ?horrendous? in last Saturday?s 72-10 home loss to Southern Illinois, Indiana State interim head coach Dennis Raetz promised that the Sycamores will play better today when they welcome Gateway Football Conference foe Western Illinois to Memorial Stadium. More...
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Raetz is back where he loves

    Dennis Raetz never could stay away from football, even after he stepped down as Indiana State?s head coach in 1997. More...
  5. Jason Svoboda

    Hodge podge of stories regarding Raetz coming back...

    Former Sycamore standout Vencie Glenn talks about Sycamore program SIU reacts to firing off football coach ISU removes West ISU wasn’t blessed for good-guy West
  6. IndyTreeFan

    Sycamores fire Lou West after 1-25 record, rehire former coach Raetz

    West Gone? Check this link out... http://www.tribstar.com/local/local_story_267123642.html