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  1. G

    Sycamores at Drake

    it's the last regular season game today at Drake. ISU could use a win to build some momentum heading into the MVC tourney. Starts at 3pm (EST) live stats
  2. G

    Sycamores at Creighton

    game just underway at CU, we'll see how the new look Sycamores fare in this game. Live stats link is here for those interested
  3. B

    Sycamores vs. Austin Peay Game Thread

    Don't see a live stats link YET but here is the AP link if it happens: I'm visiting family in Goergia this week. If this game had been scheduled for Friday I could have stopped off on my way home............oh well. GO...
  4. B

    Sycamores Beat The Citadel 12-8

    Sycamores lost a 7-1 lead but rallied to win 12-8. Sycamores had home runs by Burnam & Jett among 13 hits but used five pitchers to close it out. The pitching staff allowed 7 hits, gave up 7 walks and struck out 10 batters. :sycamores::bigsmile:
  5. G

    Sycamores vs. MSU

    huge game today to see how ISU responds after yet another starter ends her season with an ACL tear. Also important to beat MSU to stay near the top in the MVC. 4 other games in the MVC too. UNI vs. Bradley Evansville vs. Drake SIU vs. Creighton WSU vs. Illinois State
  6. G

    Sycamores vs Shockers

    definitely a must win for the girls tonight as WSU visits Hulman Center. Big night in the MVC too as 4 games will be played.
  7. SydCamore

    Two Future Sycamores........

    Two future Sycamores are set to square off at the Hulman Center Friday Feb 27. What I find interesting is that the ISU women have a home game scheduled that night at 7pm. How is this going to work?
  8. ISUCC

    Sycamores sweep MVC track honors

    Kylie Hutson and Erica Moore are your "track" and "field" athletes of the week for the MVC
  9. G

    Sycamores at Bradley

    ISU currently trailing by 6 in the 1st half, the game is on the radio only, no live stats for this one as Bradley plays their women's games off campus. It's on the
  10. G

    Sycamores at UNI

    really important game for ISU tonight, and it's on Fox Sports Midwest too, so if you haven't seen the women play, tonight is a good opportunity. Need to win to keep pace with Illinois State, who plays at Bradley tonight I believe. From the Trib star...
  11. T

    Sycamores super bowl connections

    WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals -- son of former ISU offensive tackle Larry Fitzgerald. Pittsburgh Steelers radio network analyst Tunch Ilkin -- former ISU All-Missouri Valley Conference center and Pro Bowl offensive tackle for the Steelers. The senior Fitzgerald and Ilkin started...
  12. ISUCC

    Sycamores at Bradley

    gametime folks, lots of ISU players sick, could be an ugly game here. My only question is how long will it take ISU to score, let's hope not 10 and a half minutes again. it's on TV too.
  13. G

    Sycamores vs SIU

    unlike the men last night, the women are winning tonight at the half 27-18 need to win to stay in 1st place in the MVC The other game tonight is Evansville at Illinois State Go Purple Aces!
  14. bent20

    Sycamores at Aces

    Four turnovers in the first four minutes and we're down 8-0. Let's at least hold onto the ball and get some shots off.
  15. G

    Sycamores at Missouri State

    can the young girls pull off a sweep of this road trip today? We'll find out soon, the game starts in less than an hour. Here is the live stats link from MSU I would guess it's on radio too? Big day in the Valley...
  16. G

    Sycamores at Shockers

    good start for ISU as they're winning 19-17, this is a key series for the girls. Bradley swept this WSU-MSU series last week, ISU needs to do the same to keep pace. stats link...
  17. ISUCC

    Sycamores vs. Bradley

    14-14 at the 11:26 mark, ISU is shorthanded tonight, so if they win this it's gonna take a monumental effort from the guys out there. ISU already with 5 turnovers, Bradley's defense is really pressing ISU. We can only hope for the best. I don't think Marshall is going to play, haven't heard...
  18. ISUCC

    Sycamores at Drake

    well, what happens in Des Moines tonight? I predict the same thing we've seen lately, ISU jumps out to a lead, goes into the half w/ a lead, comes out with a big scoring drought in the 2nd half at some point, Drake takes the lead, ISU panics and starts turning the ball over left and right and...
  19. G

    Sycamores vs Creighton

    ISU currently trailing at the half 30-24, ISU shooting 25% from the field and being outrebounded 23-15, not a good start to the post Leah Phillips era, gotta get'em in the 2nd half hopefully! here are live stats...
  20. ISUCC

    Sycamores vs. Creighton

    won't be able to post during the game, but might as well start a game thread. 2:05 start time (EST). Let's hope the small, quiet crowd at Hulman today can lull the Blue Jays to sleep and let ISU win it's 4th in the last 5 games against CU at Hulman Center. will they be wearing the 1979...