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  1. G

    Taylor Whitley update....

    ISU recruit Taylor Whitley's Geneva, IL girls BB team made it to the state finals in Illinois this past weekend, but lost their first 2 games of the season to finish in 4th place in the Illinois class 4A tournament. Taylor had 25 points, then 12 points in the 3rd place game. thanks to new...
  2. B

    Update the Player Bio's !

    Who is responsible for maintaining the baseball site on www.gosycamores.com ? The season has started, a lot of new players and somebody is not doing the job ? I would think Mr. Prettyman has more to do than making sure someone gets this done? Is there no "middleman" supervision anywhere...
  3. ISUCC

    Harry Marshall update......

    looks like he is doubtful for the Bradley game, but not a season ending injury (we hope!) http://blogs.tribstar.com/downinthevalley/?p=161
  4. SydCamore

    Gabe Moore Update

    WTWO's Rick Semmler reported that Gabe Moore has signed a contract to play pro basketball in Munich.
  5. ISUCC

    NCAA baseball statistics update

    updated on April 27th, the most glaring stat for ISU: walks allowed per 9 inning game - 5.28, ranking them 264th of 286 teams, ugh! to see all the updated stats click on the red link here: http://web1.ncaa.org/stats/StatsSrv/rankings?sportCode=MBA&rpt=wkly
  6. ISUCC

    ISU/MVC update from Golden

    in today's Trib Star: Holmstrom works way back into lineup: http://www.tribstar.com/sports/local_story_025003052.html need a win at Ill. St. Sunday!