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  1. ISUCC

    USA Today MVC report

    new report on the MVC, including a very accurate and up to date report on Indiana State
  2. S

    SB Coach Coldren to Assist vs Team USA Tonight

    A group of Midwest All Stars - primarily made up of former MVC softball players will face Team USA tonight in their Bound 4 Beijing tour as the Olympians prepare for the 2008 games. ISU softball coach Brenda Coldren is one of the coaches helping the Midwest All Stars in Springfield, MO. No...
  3. B

    USA Today - Around the Valley
  4. B

    USA Today Weekly MVC Report :sycamores: GO SYCAMORES!
  5. B

    USA Today - Weekly MVC Report :sycamores:
  6. B

    USA Today - Sycamores No Longer in MVC?

    here is the weekly issue and the Sycamores are mentioned in several places but................they kicked us out of the Valley apparently ? :sycamores::naughty:
  7. B

    USA Today - Around the MVC :sycamores::basketball::basketball::basketball::basketball::basketball: