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    from an email that herb king wrote to the gridiron digest website about his son matt

    Thank you for your congratulatory wishes for Matt. You may view this year's honorees at Matt is thrilled to be included as an Old Spice Red Zone National Player of the Year. He has been an outstanding player and more improtantly a son that I can be proud of. He has...
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    new indiana state football website?

    hello fellow sycamore fans. i am contemplating putting together my own indiana state football website. it would be primarily for isu football alums (players, coaches, student trainers and student managers). but it would also be available to isu football fans in general some point if all goes...
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    Game Photos From Vanderbilt Website
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    I am glad to see an ISU website such as this

    There is no reason that ISU can't become a solid mid major program. If Butler can do it, ISU can too. I think McKenna will do very well since he has been under a similar program that has been very successful. I am an IU fan and alum, but I will be following ISU since Aaron Carter (Perry...
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    Another Website for Recruit Info.

    Some interesting articles on here once in awhile: :sycamores::basketball: