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    Where do you think our Athletic Program will be in 4 years

    Good morning my friends Just out of curiousity how do you think Dr. Ron Pettyman is doing on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being the lowest & 10 being the highest) ........Also based on what Dr. Pettyman has done thus far where do you think our athletic department will be in 4 years?
  2. 1

    Indiana State Football In 5 years

    What are some ways that we could enhance the ISU gameday experience outside the stadium?
  3. ISUCC

    Todd Golden: 4 years at ISU

    here is Todd's blog from last night, good read about the past 4 ISU seasons:
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Sycamore women looking to keep last year?s second-half tear going

    Whether it was a move to playing more man-to-man defense or a renewed toughness and desire, the Indiana State women?s basketball team finished the regular season on an absolute tear last season. More...