'08 AR SG Trey Finn (Arkansas-Little Rock Verbal)

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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Finn holds offers from Ole Miss, Arkansas Little Rock and Middle Tennessee State in addition to Indiana State.


The All-MVC Level
additional info

In reading some board posts, I have gleaned this info;

His summer AAU stats so far: 11pts, 3assist, 6reb, 2steals, 52%fg, 72%ft, 28%3pt

"3 pt shooting is not his strength...and he doesn't shoot that many. His game is penetrating, post up, dishing the ball, lockdown D, and hitting the boards. As you notice he is shooting 52% from the field...that is darn good for a guard."

you can view the string here:


Nice pic here:

You can also download a pdf of his AAU team stats here:


Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
28% from 3 point range -- for a shooting guard? I don't think he's a viable option in McKenna's offense.