'08 IN SF Alex Grimsley (Kent State Verbal)

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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
"Alex Grimsley from Batesville, he is also about 6-foot-6," said Simpson. "He made the Junior All-Star team. Led Batesville to the semi-state. IPFW likes him and Indiana State was in the mix. Very strong and is aggressive around the basket."
Found this on Peegs. Sounds like we were in the mix with him prior to Royce leaving.


The Varsity Level
I think that he and Colt would be a great package! We do have some ties in that area also!:bigsmile:


Hugh McAwesome
Getting very strong interest from Dane Fife at IPFW, as well as Furman, Miami of Ohio, Wisconsin GB and some even say IU.