08 Predictions

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The Varsity Level
I'm predicting 3 wins for this years football team. (Eastern Illinois, SEMO, and Mo State)
What do you all think?:sycamores:


I predict we will beat SEMO and Missouri State. Not sure how good EIU and WIU are yet, but they always field good teams.


The Nicks Level
The really scary thing, and perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind before assessing success this year, is that with 2 (yes, TWO) wins, we will surpass the win total of the last three (yes, 3) seasons combined!

I am convinced that improvement will come, but we need to remain realistic. Who knows, maybe Miles and Co. will be able to work a miracle, maybe there's enough talent to win a bunch of games, who knows? Much like with McKenna this season, I'll be happy with seeing evidence that we're getting better each week. Then, perhaps we'll be able to pull off an upset or two late in the Gateway season that will springboard us into 2009.

Good times ahead, I just don't want to get ahead of myself!!!!

That said, I think all the previous posters' predictions are entirely possible for 2008!!!



I'm always one to jump on bandwagons but let's be honest with ourselves here. This offseason has not been friendly to the team from last year. I expect mostly freshman to play in the fall and they just aren't up to Gateway football just yet. Some of them might be, but don't expect any stand-out superstars.

I predict possibly 1 win this year, SEMO.

Next year is when you can start judging Miles and co.


The Varsity Level
I think if the games are close week in and week out then we can call the first year under Miles a success, the key with young kids though is if we stay close and maybe squeeze out a win in the first month of the season then they will have confidence out the @$$. That'll go a long way.


The Odum Level
The defense has to get significantly better or it will be another winless season. It really starts with the defense.


A winless season this year is a definite possibility, but I doubt it will happen. I hold with at least 1 win (unless they totally drop the ball) and maybe 2 (assuming WIU doesn't study any film.)

EDIT: All Miles really needs to do this year is close the gap. If we lose to SIU and NIU 30 - 14 instead of 50+ - 7 then we have made definite progress.
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