'09 IN G Tenale Roland

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Tenale is a top talent in Southern Indiana, playing on a very deep #2 ranked (pre-season) New Albany Bulldogs team Coached by Jim Shannon.

This is a kid that ISU should start recruiting right away.

Brother of LeMont Roland who played for LSU in the mid 90's, and still plays as a Euro pro!

Watched him play all last year, and already have NA on the list to watch several games this winter. This kid can play . . . ISU would do well to keep him in their radar!


The Varsity Level
I've been aware of this kid since he was in middle school, my mother was his principal. Very good athlete. I feel like this kid has more talent than he even realizes yet. He would be a good kid to go after, talent wise.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Can't find anything on this kid. It's pretty sad if a kid is a legit college basketball player (Division I, II or otherwise) and his high school or AAU coaches are too lazy to get him listed on Rivals or Scout.