'11 IL RB TJ Lally (South Dakota State Verbal)

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The JSW Level
a couple of the assistant coaches at Marian Central Catholic,

who Lilly made that run against, are former Indiana State players. They must have been duly impressed.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level




The Varsity Level
What we have here gentlemen is a football player...put this kid anywhere and he will make plays...rb, lb, saftey, special teams....kid is a beast...he looks good at lb..stops people in their tracks when he makes tackles and they don't drag him another three yards...has good speed...I like him at rb too...these videos are pretty neat...


The All-MVC Level
Good Lord

Is this kid for real? This is just what ISU needs, a fast strong RB that runs behind his pads....wow.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
From a recent Rivals article:

"I have offers from a handful of D-2 schools like Minnesota-Duluth, Winona State and Northwoods. I'm also hearing from schools like Drake, Butler, Illinois State, North Dakota State, Eastern Illinois plus a few Ivy League schools like Penn and Cornell. Most of those schools are recruiting me as a linebacker prospect but a few have talked about me playing running back or fullback. I just want to play and I love defense but I've also grown to love offense as well.
Don't know if we've backed off because we're high on someone else, but we weren't mentioned.