144 Teams - 144 Days


The Odum Level
WSU was already listed and that site picked them to finish 7th in the MVC, so it'll be interesting to see if they pick ISU 5th or 6th?? Or if they think ISU will be 8th, 9th or 10th, which would not get them listed of course.


The Odum Level
I hope you're right, I can't see ISU being picked worse than last season since they do have quite a few returning and newer players who will do pretty well (barring injuries)

I am guessing 5 or 6. Evansville, UNI & Missouri State are probably the last three out for pre-season selection.
Last year's pre-season rankings from the same source for comparison:

Note that somewhere along the line they totally forgot Drake & Evansville ??? Evansville - OK they were right, but Drake!!! Of course everyone in the Valley forgot about Drake in the pre-season too.

in 8th place- and ranked #124 Indiana State
in 7th place- and ranked #109 ISU
in 6th place- and ranked #93 Missouri State
in 5th place- and ranked #76 UNI
in 4th place- and ranked #64 Wichita State
in 3rd place- and ranked #60 Creighton
in 2nd place- and ranked #44 Bradley
in 1st place- and ranked #24 SIU