[Offered/Committed Elsewhere] '20 IN PG Nijel Pack (Kansas State)


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Wasn't Laravia teammates with Nijel at LC?? Maybe some inside influence?? We will need a PG replacement for JB after this season. He would definitely be a good get for us. Heck of a player!!


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Yes they were high school and I think AAU teammates also. He knows Hankins and Barnes pretty well. Might be a really tough recruitment will some big boys circling, but I like what he said about relationships and feel for a place. Some reason I think we are and will be in this. If he does not commit this summer
having a good year is key to getting him. Without a good year may not matter because Lansing would probably be gone.


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Kansas State offered. Chris Lowery former coach at SIU back with Webber as an assisstant.


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Wasn't there a Wayne Pack that played with McGinnis at Washington? I wonder if he is a grandson.

I watched some videos of LC games on youtube. This guy looks like what I would picture Isiah Thomas looking like in HS. He's not looking to pass, but he can really shoot.
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