2008 First Summer Scrimmage - Reflections

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The Captain Level

Please share your opinions of the first scrimmage if you saw it.

I am putting together my thoughts and will post them later.


The Captain Level
The highlight of the day was a 74 yard TD pass from Calvin Schmidtke to Ryan Patrick (45 yards in the air). Patrick did not have to slow down or speed up to get to the ball. This was the best pass thrown at Memorial Stadium by a Sycamore since Jeff Miller was the signal caller in the late 80s. SERIOUSLY! The best part about the play was that as soon as Schmidtke let the ball fly, he was on a dead sprint down the field to be the first one to congratulate Patrick after he crossed the goalline (a la Brett Favre). Schmidtke was 8-10, 137 yds and 2 TDs. He also posted 5 carries for 47 yds and 2 TDS.

QBs Matt Seliger and Travis Johnson both played well. Charles Dowdell struggled but is much improved from last year. The QB battle is good. I think we look good at QB for a while.

Ryan Patrick, Alex Jones, and Josh Jones all had good days receiving.

The Defense gave a strong effort. The most notable players of the day on defense were two Freshmen. Aaron Archie was awesome. Ryan Roberts also gave a strong effort and is very intimidating as a 6'4" DB.

The defensive line held their own and aloud LBs like Aaron Archie, Jayden Everett, and CJ Cook to make tackles. The D-Line was led by DEs Kevin Wilson and Daniel Millington and DTs John Goodrich and Ben Geffert. Freshmen Jordan Bright and Nate Williams also looked good on the D-Line.

The Coaching staff and the players were very enthusiastic and energetic. It was nice to see.

Well, that's all I have. I understand that I am bias, but I liked what I saw. I know I am forgetting to mention names of players that played well.
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The JSW Level
schmidtke's td pass was really nice but....

when you were reflecting on it being the best pass thrown at memorial stadium since jeff miller, i would have to hesitate...lol....

john sahm and john stites threw some great long touchdown passes during their days at isu in games played at memorial stadium. i especially remember a couple of bombs thrown by stites to wide receiver chris johnson for touchdowns (3) in a game against illinois state. sahm had some long throws for touchdowns to steve elmlinger at memorial stadium too.

i am not belitting schmidtke's td pass on saturday by any means....just saying that there have been a few thrown there....i will say schmidtke reminds me a little bit of sahm....strong arm and good sense of when to throw the football.


The Captain Level
Haha.... Good Point!

Bottom line is, Schmidtke is good and I believe he is ready to be the #1 signal caller.


What did you think about the defensive effort?


The JSW Level
syd...the defense did a nice job....

they're getting better. not there yey by any means, but they are getting better. i like some of their young guys....

archie, roberts, cook.....grerat picks up for the sycamores.

they have some size at defensive end, but they're still very young....it's going to be learn as they go this season...trial by error....or trial by fire...however you want to put it....

they'll make mistakes along the way....but i think some of these kids are smart and bright enough that they won't make the same mistakes over and over again.

they'll have to get burned a few times before things start to fall into place....but when they do, this defense has a chance to make some great strides this season.


The Captain Level
I think that our defense now has "playmakers". There is a difference between good defensive players and "playmakers". The Roberts kid for instance is 6'4" and very athletic. He has the ability to make great plays (interceptions, knocked down passes at the line, etc.). Ryan Roberts is not your typical DB. He can make plays that could change a game. And oh yeah, if he does make and interception, watch out. He knows how to move with the ball.

Alex Sewall is another Freshman DB I have been very impressed with. It appears as though he will be playing Safety. He has the ability to make some great hits.