2009 softball schedule released

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The Sycamore Level
From looking at other sites, it looks like the tournaments fields would be:
Texas A&M CC: Creighton, Detroit Mercy, North Texas, and TAMU-CC
Eastern Kentucky: Cleveland State, Eastern Kentucky, and Oakland
GT Buzz Classic: Huge field of about 30 teams - looks like we play Mercer, Jacksonville State, Purdue, and not sure of the others.

Should be another competitive year in the MVC with Creighton a clear cut favorite above the rest.
Our Sycamores could contend if Wood is truly healthy and returns to form in the circle. She is as good as any pitcher in the league. If she is on form and Simpson has another offensive year like last season - we have a legitimate shot.

EDIT - Nevermind, the games at the tournaments are now listed. I think a DH with Mizzou is also new from when I looked yesterday.
Georgia Tech Tourney has us playing games against: Mercer, Georgia State, Howard, Purdue, Jacksonville State, and Kennesaw State.

All together, the schedule has us playing 11 contests against teams that were in the NCAA tournament last season - including a DH against Mizzou who made it to SuperRegionals last season.
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