2020-2021 Sycamore PER (Player Efficiency Rating)

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
First installment after two games:

+32.95 - Cooper Neese
+23.24 - Julian Larry
+21.93 - Tre Williams
+19.29 - Randy Miller
+14.37 - Jake LaRavia
+13.64 - Tyreke Key
+13.50 - Cam Bacote
+08.52 - Jared Hankins
+07.61 - Tobias Howard
+01.45 - Ndongo Ndaw
+00.00 - Sam Mervis
-07.11 - Cobie Barnes

According to John Hollinger, here is his PER Reference Guide. Keep in mind it is geared towards NBA players, but you can get a general idea of what the number above is considered:

A Year For the Ages: 35.0
Runaway MVP Candidate: 30.0
Strong MVP Candidate: 27.5
Weak MVP Candidate: 25.0
Bona fide All-Star: 22.5
Borderline All-Star: 20.0
Solid 2nd option: 18.0
3rd Banana: 16.5
Pretty good player: 15.0
In the rotation: 13.0
Scrounging for minutes: 11.0
Definitely renting: 9.0
The Next Stop: DLeague: 5.0

The PER sums up all a player's positive accomplishments, subtracts the negative accomplishments, and returns a per-minute rating of a player's performance. For more information on the PER and how it's calculated, here is a good starting point: http://www.basketball-reference.com/about/per.html
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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
After the SLU game:

+22.31 - Julian Larry
+21.49 - Cooper Neese
+19.42 - Jake LaRavia
+18.46 - Tre Williams
+18.04 - Tyreke Key
+13.66 - Cam Bacote
+12.57 - Randy Miller
+08.83 - Tobias Howard
+07.70 - Cobie Barnes
+06.08 - Jared Hankins
+00.00 - Sam Mervis
-01.65 - Ndongo Ndaw

Gotta Hav

The Newsom Level
So the take-away is, Lansing doesn't know how to play and use his most efficient and highest performing players.

Against SLU, Neese and Julian L played for a combined 45 minutes of the 80 minutes available, and they had a total of ONE FOUL between them. Another way to see how badly they were underused is...that's an average of 22 minutes each for the whole game.

If we don't compete at a high level against Testicle Tech, and or win, I don't see us finishing the season any better than 7-16...that is if we end up playing that many games.

On a positive note, I am enjoying watching the development and growth of Tre Williams....especially now that he's added a 3pt shot and a mid range jumper...let's see if he continues that success today.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
After Ball State:

+28.98 - Jake LaRavia
+20.14 - Cooper Neese
+18.40 - Julian Larry
+13.93 - Tyreke Key
+12.57 - Randy Miller
+10.59 - Tobias Howard
+10.24 - Tre Williams
+05.96 - Jared Hankins
+04.92 - Cam Bacote
+01.71 - Cobie Barnes
+00.75 - Ndongo Ndaw
+00.00 - Sam Mervis

Team Average: +11.56

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
After SEMO:

+29.24 - Jake LaRavia
+19.57 - Cooper Neese
+16.56 - Tyreke Key
+13.93 - Julian Larry
+13.85 - Randy Miller
+10.91 - Tre Williams
+09.15 - Tobias Howard
+05.98 - Jared Hankins
+04.94 - Cam Bacote
+04.00 - Cobie Barnes
+00.00 - Sam Mervis
-00.51 - Ndongo Ndaw

Team Average: +12.27


The Odum Level
The good and bad news is that we currently have 5 players good enough to be in the rotation.
7. Miller and Howard have started to play a little better.

Cobie Barnes is a complete disappointment for me.

Tre Williams has to play better. His last 2 games have been very subpar.

Larry normalizing was to be expected. He’s very limited on the O side of the ball. Love his energy, D pressure and attitude - but he’s got to work on that shot.

Biggest concerns are:
Defense Is pretty spotty at best
Williams and Jake foul trouble
3 Point Shooting is abysmal
Depth / Bench production

Biggest Positives
Getting to the foul line the last 2 games
Cooper Neese playing at a high level
Jake playing as well as anyone in the conference.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Spot on. I hate that it boils down to something so simple, but we are very poor offensively. Building on what SSOM said, you either hit your shots or you don't, you either take good shots that fit your range/ability level or you don't. Take Larry for example and I think this will show two things: How solid he has been in other facets vs how poor he has been offensively.

His PER is 13.93. He is 0-5 on 3PAs. If he is 2-5, his PER jumps to 15.06 off of just two makes. Lets say he doesn't take those 5 3FGA and instead has 5 more normal shot attempts. If he shoots an average of 40% from the floor, his PER jumps to 17.33. If you get up to 45% from the floor (which is about the league team average), it jumps to over 18. Remove some of those because he drew fouls and it jumps even higher.

He absolutely must commit to taking the ball to the rim and learning to finish in traffic. He's also shown he is a capable FT shooting being 5-6 on the year so not only are the higher percentage shots but he has the chance of drawing contact, still scoring, and potentially harming the opponent by getting folks into foul trouble. He also has a 2.5 A/TO ratio right now so if he does draw a double, it could lead to easy dump offs and scores for Tre, Jake, et al. If Larry can have a PER around the 17-20 range where he is the hoops equivalent of the NFL "game manager" QB, the Sycamores will be very good, especially if others can improve their offense.

Outside of him, here is how early shooting has looked:

.538 - Tre
.460 - Jake
.441 - Coop
.434 - Key
.406 - Miller
.400 - Ndaw
.320 - Howard
.286 - Larry
.250 - Barnes

.621 - Key
.600 - Miller
.556 - Tre
.545 - Coop
.488 - Jake
.400 - Ndaw
.385 - Howard
.375 - Larry
.300 - Barnes

.391 - Neese
.333 - Tre
.286 - Jake
.250 - Howard
.235 - Miller
.208 - Key
.167 - Barnes
.000 - Larry, Ndaw

1.000 - Barnes
.944 - Key
.929 - Neese
.833 - Larry
.818 - Jake
.750 - Miller
.500 - Howard
.471 - Tre
.000 - Ndaw

This shooting is good for 9th in the league at 41.8% as a team.

.536 - Drake
.530 - Loyola
.524 - Illinois State
.511 - Missouri State
.505 - Southern Illinois
.457 - UNI
.449 - Bradley
.443 - Valpo
.418 - Indiana State
.394 - Evansville

If you're going to shoot that poorly, you had damn well better have stellar defense to make up for it. State is 9th there only ahead of Evansville. This are not looking very good moving forward without major improvement.


The Odum Level
I don’t understand (I do but I disagree) with Lansing’s unwillingness to put flippin Hankins in the game.

If he can’t come off this bench and play he will N EV E R be able to play. Like what are you doing??? The guy is probably the most athletic player we have on the bench.

I don’t even need to go to pretend to know why he doesn’t play him... It’s ridiculous - yes he’s got a quick trigger but wtf we need someone to have a trigger.


Hugh McAwesome
Agree. As poor as our back court depth is this year, if Hankins can’t see the floor this season when will he be able to?

Not to mention that we have guys jacking up 3 after 3, making very few. If we are going to have guards jacking 3s I would rather have it be Hankins than some of the others who have not shown anything to give us hope they can hit shots


The Odum Level
Right. I know it boils down to the fact that he wants to chuck and he doesn't play the D that Lansing wants him to play... But like you say - I don't see anyone playing ahead of him really justifying no minutes at all. I just don't know why he wouldn't have got more of a run in the abbreviated non conference to see what he's capable of. Just odd to me.


The Odum Level
I'm not suggesting he should play ahead of either of those guys - obviously and the point could be easily be made that those guys are taking away the bulk of his minutes.

I'm not suggesting Hankins is the answer either - I don't believe he is.

But I don't think that Larry, Howard or Miller have played so well at the 1/2 that Hankins can't come in and play some 2 for us. 2 When Larry is off the floor when Howard moves to the 1. Or 2 for us when Larry is at the 1 over Howard or Miller. I think Howard and Miller have started to play a little better as of late - but they either have to be a lot better or Lansing needs to let Hankins get a run in.

But not ahead of Neese or Key. Ever.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Guard MPG

34.0 - Key
24.4 - Neese
23.8 - Larry
21.2 - Miller
18.6 - Howard
10.5 - Hankins
4.3 - Bacote
2.0 - Mervis


17.0 - Neese
16.0 - Key
14.7 - Miller
13.3 - Hankins
8.6 - Howard
6.2 - Bacote
5.7 - Larry
0.0 - Mervis

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
After Drake Round I:

+26.56 - Jake LaRavia
+19.33 - Cooper Neese
+16.24 - Tyreke Key
+12.45 - Randy Miller
+12.06 - Tre Williams
+10.57 - Tobias Howard
+09.70 - Julian Larry
+05.40 - Jared Hankins
+04.99 - Cam Bacote
+04.32 - Cobie Barnes
+02.98 - Ndongo Ndaw
+00.00 - Sam Mervis

Team Average: +11.33

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
After Drake Part Deux:

+29.12 - Jake LaRavia
+21.47 - Cooper Neese
+17.49 - Tyreke Key
+10.93 - Randy Miller
+10.33 - Tobias Howard
+09.51 - Tre Williams
+07.33 - Cobie Barnes
+05.46 - Jared Hankins
+05.31 - Julian Larry
+05.05 - Cam Bacote
+01.65 - Ndongo Ndaw
+00.00 - Sam Mervis

Team Average: +11.24