2022-2023 Schedule

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The Menser Level
Would've hated to have had this guy on the team. Gotta stay woke though, even if it means losing. Lansing might have saved his job with a 1st team OVC guy on the team, but no he skinned some cats when he was 17 years old :rolleyes:.

I honestly can’t believe you typed that last sentence. “But no he skinned some cats…”

Enjoy watching him play for another team. He’s not welcome at MY university.


The Nicks Level
All I'm saying is that we recruit kids all the time that do stupid things. I think everyone we recruit should probably get a pass on the first stupid thing they do. If they make a habit of it (anyone remember Yarborough at Illinois State?) then yeah, it's time to send them down the road.

I watched Wallace play all three years he was at EIU. I actually knew about the cat thing and my nickname for him was "Skinner". With that said he was one of the most fun players I've ever watched and he represented EIU very well. As far as I know he's never been in any kind of trouble since the cat thing when he was a junior in high school. I think he would have been a great pick up for ISU.
Cruelty to animals as a young person is one of the "triads" of a serial killer. Whether that's him or not remains to be seen, but it certainly rises above the level of stupid. And I highly doubt it was the first time he did something like this. People with these issues rarely start with skinning cats. Glad we passed.


The White Level
Here’s our non-con schedule…without dates and in no particular order…

@Miami Ohio
Northern Illinois
Ball State
North Dakota State
Green Bay
@Power Five
Three Games Gulf Coast Showcase
Gulf Coast Showcase 2022? That would be good. Had not seen that they had announced the teams yet.