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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
You know the drill...

Alabama A&M -
Alabama State -
Ball State - Michael Lewis
Butler - Thad Matta
Cal State Northridge - Trent Johnson
Chatanooga - Dan Earl
Cleveland State - Daniyal Robinson
Duke - Jon Scheyer
East Carolina - Mike Schwartz

Elon -
Florida - Todd Golden
Florida Gulf Coast - Pat Chambers
George Washington - Chris Caputo
Georgia - Mike White

Georgia State -
High Point - G.G. Smith
Illinois State - Ryan Pedon
Jackson State - Mo Williams
Kansas State - Jerome Tang
La Salle - Fran Dunphy
Lafayette - Mike Jordan
Louisiana Tech - Talvin Hester
Louisville - Kenny Payne
LSU - Matt McMahon
Maine - Chris Markwood
Maryland - Kevin Willard
Miami (OH) - Travis Steele
Milwaukee - Bart Lundy
Mississippi State - Chris Jans
Mississippi Valley State - George Ivory
Missouri - Dennis Gates
Murray State - Steve Prohm
New Mexico State - Greg Heiar
Northwestern State - Corey Gipson
Omaha - Chris Crutchfield
Rhode Island - Archie Miller
Sacramento State - David Patrick

San Diego -
San Francisco - Chris Gerlufsen
Seattle - Chris Victor
Seton Hall - Shaheen Holloway
SMU - Rob Lanier
South Carolina - Lamont Paris
South Dakota - Eric Peterson

St. Peters -
The Citadel - Ed Conroy
Tulsa - Ed Konkol
UMass - Frank Martin

Western Michigan - Dwayne Stephens
Xavier - Sean Miller
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The Kleuh Level
Nothing new under the sun...he discusses his "future" in this 1 hr. interview in Nov '21.



The All-MVC Level
If the Lansing story is true, then it'll be interesting to see where Key lands. Would add some validity to tampering rumors.


The Renn Level
No way Key is going to end up at a school where Lansing is the head coach. Key could end up at a school where Lansing is an assistant though. If something like that happens I’ll have the popcorn ready for some good content on SP.


The All-MVC Level
I wasn't figuring GL as a head coach - but an assistant salary at a P5 is more than he was probably making as a HC.


The Kleuh Level
Hurley hired three (3) new Assistants in 2021, so I'd guess that there might be some holes to replace here:


Bryce Drew @ GCU seemingly has a solid staff & had a reasonably successful season, so I doubt that GL would fit in here:



The Menser Level
Interesting about Crean.

He never should have left Marquette. (easy for me to say)

edit....WOAH I just saw his w/l record at Georgia....yikes.