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The Kleuh Level
Slightly different situation there...

agreed... last time matta was at butler, they were the "bullies" of the MCC, oops - Horizon

now he has to use butler resources in the big east, not the mcc or even a-10

maybe he succeeds, maybe he doesnt


The Sycamore Level
Actually think Greg would have been a much better hire.
Disagree - think GL had his eye on the job himself & was mentioned on twitter by Harry Schroeder indirectly that he had indicated he expected to get it. He is not mentioned anywhere that I have heard about for HC, assistant etc. If he doesn't land on Key's coattails somewhere he may not land in D1 at all any more?


The Recruit Level
The new A.D. is not playing "footsy." Lansing will NEVER be in consideration...good try. Might need a Ford Center mop boy...

UE Forum:

Tom Crean to Evansville?


The Kleuh Level
LOL...must be a couple IU alums living in E-ville who voted in the poll! Even GL is entered...must have him confused w/ a KY Derby walking horse. Barry Hinson even has him pinned against the rails!



Hugh McAwesome
Good move by Evansville. A bit later than I would have thought but still a good move.

just about anyone has to be better for them than Lickliter.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
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