[Offered] '23 WA PG Isaiah Watts

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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Rivals says from CT. Has offer from Missouri.

That's because they list the state where the kid plays. He is at South Kent Prep, which is a basketball factory like La Lum, etc.



The Starter Level
In watching this video, classifying him as a PG is a reach. Nice release on his shot. Moves well without the ball.


The Nicks Level
I've heard from people who have watched a lot of him that he is a really good passer. Like, REALLY good. That would fit well in Schertz's system!


Hugh McAwesome
He is tall with good hops. He seems like a good fit in HCJS’s system. His outside shot looks very nice but one of the videos I watched of him they took every shot and put it into slow motion so it was hard to say for sure.


The Menser Level
If you are talking about the James Harden move, I sure hope they don't start allowing that in college ball. I haven't noticed it as a problem yet.


The Menser Level
This kid looks really good. Very fluid, high-release jumper and has the quickness to get to the rim. His ball handling looks a bit loose, but he has everything else that you’d want. Decent offer list, too.


The Varsity Level
Maybe bring him in for a visit during the walk and he’ll think we have a thriving downtown scene like New York 🤷🏻‍♂️