a BIG thanks!

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The Odum Level
to the administrators for getting the spam on this board off the site. And not allowing spammers to post anymore. It sure does make it alot easier to read thru the posts!

GREAT work!


The Menser Level
Yes, here here!

I've noticed the Spam reduction too, and I thank all those involved...even xfactor ;)

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
I'm trying everything I can. They're still registering and it is keeping me busy deleting account after account. I've just tweaked it some more adding a verification question -- so hopefully that kills registrations to boot.


The Nicks Level
Thanks for coming back and helping out. This is a great forum, and it was sad to see it getting trashed. Good work!!!!

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
Also...if you want ISUCC and myself to help out by using our moderator powers, you may want to PM the both of us w/ instructions on how to use said powers. Neither of us have a clue on how to delete a post. For that matter I don't know the extent of my authority...can I ban a poster?