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The Sycamore Level
There has been a lot of dissent of late with a focus of much negativity on the lack of Indiana players on the roster. We "fans" seem to look back with skewed memories on our past success - remembering things in a light that isn't always true. For the sake of clarity, here are the bulk of the players and the state where they played HS ball from the rosters during the 1999-2001 period - our last time of "success" - if I missed someone, please feel free to add them to the list:

Terence Avery - Illinois
Matt Berry - Oklahoma
Kelyn Block - Kansas
Matt Broermann - Ohio
Brian Giesen - Minnesota
Nate Green - Iowa
Marcus Howard - Illinois
Djibril Kante - Indiana
Michael Menser - Indiana
Matt Renn - Indiana
Abasi Thompson - Illinois

That is three Indiana players out of the top eleven from that time period. Seven total states represented.

Let's support our Sycamores!!!
GO STATE!!!!!!!


The Odum Level
Will not support under performance... That is not acceptable! And the reason they can get away with it is because people like you want to send out gentle reminders... That's great and Im glad you are in the holiday spirit I really am. But they would not stand for this at any other program in the country why do you want to be an exception.

I don't care where the talent comes from just bring it in and let's win some ball games. They are actually in the process of adding 2 local kids I am not criticizing their lack of recruiting of local/Indiana kids. But this roster is weak man. Sure I will continue to go to games but I will not sit back and be ok with it.


The Odum Level
Local kids currently on Sycamores team or radar screen:
RJ Majhurin JR- Signed Rockville
Can score with anyone, has a nice jumper for his size 6"10.
Might be to slow for Division 1 ball, and needs to put on some weight. I would like to see him be a little more "mean/tough". Be a little cocky kid you average 30pts a game. He will not turn us into a .500 team nor would I expect that out of a Freshman.

Jake Odum SR: Terre Haute South Verbal Commitment
Mike Saylor thinks hes the best guard in the state, thats debatable but hes the best guard in the state I have seen this year (haven't seen alot of them). He is a better ball handler than anyone on ISU's team today. He can pass and has excellent court vision. Leading candidate right now for Indiana Mr. Basketball.
No mid range jumper - what happened to kids being able to stop and pop? Decent 3pt shot but with the 3pt line being moved back this year in college basketball he will struggle from long distance.

Lucas Eitel SR: Marshall High School - Twin brother of Logan My understanding is that Indiana State has shown interest and wants them both to walk on. I know they are friends and play AAU with Jake Odum. I think they know RJ also.
Upside: The better of the twins - He can score the ball and handle the ball. Has a very nice shot and has carried Marshall for 2 years now! Aggressive player!

Have to question the level of competition he plays in the Little Illinois Conference, just a pretty weak conference. He would make a pretty good 2 guard at the college level but not big enough to play SF or PF.

Logan Eitel SR: Marshall High School - Twin brother of Lucas My understanding is that Indiana State has shown interest and wants them both to walk on. I know they are friends and play AAU with Jake Odum. I think they know RJ also.
Upside: They are a package deal. If you get one you get the other. He is a pretty nice compliment to his brother at Marshall - very scrappy player. Can pass the ball pretty well and will bang down low.

Downside: His shot is not as good as his brother - since last time I saw him play a year ago in the Classic. I have only seen them play a handful of times. I still have trouble telling them apart. I will be watching them this year at the Pizza Hut Classic!

John Michael Jarvis JR: Tree Haute South - Being recruited by ISU.
Got a great shot with a quick release. Also very athletic kid that can get up and dunk the ball. Seems to have a high basketball IQ (I don't know what that actually means I have just always wanted to say that someone has a high basketball IQ).
Not an amazing ball handler he would have to play the 2 guard. Size could be a concern but with his shot I wouldn't worry about his size to much.

Currently on ISU team from the area:
Harry Marshall - Owen Valley
+That's all I can think of from around Terre Haute on the current team.