Another former Sycamore joins Miles' staff

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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
In the mid-1980s, Troy Johnson enjoyed playing linebacker on the same Indiana State football team with wide receiver Trent Miles. Now Johnson plans to enjoy coaching on the same ISU staff with Miles in charge.



The Varsity Level
I know Troy. A great guy and a football guy! I love this addition! He is Sycamore blood!


The Blue Level
It's exciting to see former Sycamores come back to help our football program. These guys were here when it was good. I think the best thing about these hires is that they are bringing people here that love ISU and are committed to improving the program. I've been to every home and away game for the past two years and every home game for about 4 years. We have talent. The problem was that our coaching staff could not convince them that they can win. Believing you can win is huge!

It's going to be exciting to watch.:sycamores:


The Captain Level
Ted Unbehagen is Another Great Hire

Offensive line coach Ted Unbehagen was considered an outstanding offensive line coach when he coached at Texas Tech, Houston and ISU. I am very surprised that Coach Miles was able to convince him to leave the State of Texas, where he was born, bred and presumbly, retired. I think he is another great hire!