anybody interested in talking isu football at the bally some evening?

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since i am in town covering colts training camp in my job as the team's beat writer for the terre haute tribune-star, i was wondering if any isu football fans would like to get together for a few drinks and talk sycamores football at the bally some evening.

reporting day for the sycamores is wednesday and the first practices are scheduled for thursday.

let me know if there are any interested fans out there.


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TJ for those of us out of town, can you give us your day to day opinions about the practices and who you think the impact players, etc. will be?


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i'll try.....

cc.....i'll try to be out at the isu practices as much as i can, depending on my work schedule covering the colts training camp....but i'll try to keep an eye out and offer my comments about what i see at isu's training camp.....


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I am interested in talking ISU football. I will be at a lot of the ISU practices, I only live two blocks away. In the past couple of years, I usually watched practice by myself. It will be nice to have somebody to talk to, haha. Let me know when you will be going.


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Are the practice schedule (Dates and times) posted any where?

Update: nevermind... Just saw the update on their website.
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Pretty sure my son and I will be at the practice on Friday to check things out. May go to the scrimmage the following weekend as well.